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Neko Atsume: Our guide to the best toys, items and goodies

With a huge array of toys, cushions and trinkets to buy in Neko Atsume, everyone’s favourite cat collecting game for iOS and Android, choosing the right goodies to attract your furry visitors can be tricky. Here’s our guide to the best toys and items you can spend your hard-earned gold and silver fish on. 

Struggling to attract the best tippers and cutest cats to your Neko Atsume domain? No worries; here’s what you should be spending those fish on. 

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Neko Atsume: Best toys, items and goodies

1. Cardboard Choo-Choo 

The Cardboard Choo-Choo (60 gold) easily wins the gong for silliest name; quite why the English translation team settled on this particular name, we’ve got no idea. However, Neko Atsume is of course a game intended for children (which makes it acutely embarrassing as a grown man to be even writing this sentence), so we’ll give it a pass.

The Choo-Choo is a Large item, meaning it’ll take up two regular spaces. That said, it can house up to four cats at once, including the rare cat Conductor Whiskers. Best of all, one cat will end up getting its face stuck in the smoke box door, making this look like the product one of the Rev. W Awdry’s more horrific nightmares.

Neko Atsume: Best toys, items and goodies

2. Doughnut Tunnel

The Doughnut Tunnel (300 silver) is an amusing variation on the Tube item type. It’s Large and can entertain up to two cats at once – which perhaps isn’t the most efficient use of space, but it definitely makes up for it in sheer comedy value. Especially when two cats get stuck in it with their bums poking out. 

Neko Atsume: Best toys, items and goodies

3. Heating Stove

Another Large piece, the Heating Stove is expensive (600 silver) but worth investing in as it can house up to three cats snoozing around it at any one time, one of which might be the rare cat Guy Furry (aka Chef Cat), who’ll inexplicably cook a pizza on top of it.

Neko Atsume: Best toys, items and goodies

4. Lacquered Bowl

The Lacquered Bowl is one of the best items to gun for early on. it’s a Small piece that’s capable of luring two cats at once – a regular cat as well as the rare Kathmandu. Its low price of 25 gold and overall space efficiency make this a good day one purchase. 

Neko Atsume: Best toys, items and goodies

5. Kotatsu

A Kotatsu (60 gold) is essentially a table covered by a futon, with an electric heater built into its frame. Surely no surprise then that this bit of furniture is particularly popular with our feline friends.

Like the Heater Stove, this Large piece attracts multiple cats – up to four at once by our count – and is also a favourite of Saint Purrtrick, a rare visitor. It’ll take a while to save up for, but it’s well worth those gold fish. 

Neko Atsume: Best toys, items and goodies

6. Tiramasu Cube

The Tiramasu cube (28 gold) is another small piece that’s capable of housing two cats at once – just as any of the cube items are. This one will be of particular interest to fans of Cream-san (aka Peaches), as it’s a particular favourite. 

Cream-san is only a rare cat in the literal sense; it’s not classed as such by the game, but its low power level means it doesn’t appear as frequently as other cats. That said, we’ve spotted Cream-san in the Tiramasu Cube more often than with any other toy or cushion, so if you’re a fan, you know where to throw your money. 

Neko Atsume: Best toys, items and goodies

7. Cardboard House

The Cardboard House (40 gold) is a Large item that can host up to three kitties at once including Ms. Fortune, a rare cat that’s based on the maneki neko ‘beckoning cat’ of Japanese folklore. True to the legendary wealth-generating powers of the maneki neko, Ms. Fortune is a generous tipper. The only thing to watch out for however is her weak power level of 20, which means she’ll often get chased away by higher-level visitors. 

Neko Atsume: Best toys, items and goodies

8. Zanzibar Cushion 

The Zanzibar Cushion (20 gold) is the favoured item of Xerxes IX, a rare cat that regularly tips you with around 20-40 silver fish per visit. Not only does this see you ticking another rare cat off of your checklist, it’s also a good way of generating much-needed fish early on in the game. As it’s a small item, you won’t have to sacrifice much space either. 

9. Tower of Treats

The afternoon tea sandwich stand-shaped Tower of Treats is one of the better recent items. As well as being one of the two items capable of summoning rare cats Jeeves and Sapphire, this large item can also host up to five cats at once, so it’s reasonably space efficient. At 900 silver fish, it’s definitely not the cheapest item going, but you should make your investment back fairly quickly. 

Neko Atsume: Our guide to the best toys, items and goodies

10. Cat Metropolis

The Cat Metropolis costs just 50 gold fish, which means it can be had relatively early on in the game. As its name suggests, it’s pretty big and is capable of housing up to six cats at once. You get quite a nice variety of scratching, sleeping and posing action from this one too. Not only that, but it’s also key to summoning pickaxe-wielding rare feline Bob the Cat