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Neko Atsume updated with new items

A new update has just hit the iOS and Android versions of Neko Atsume, everyone’s favourite cat collecting mobile game, bringing some new items to lure kitties to your yard. 

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New items included in version 1.5.5 of Neko Atsume include a rice kettle, a hot water bottle, two new blankets that are similar in style to the Arabesque Blanket, and a range of ‘fluffy’ beds all of which are Small items, plus a single Large item, a ‘Sunken Fireplace’ which resembles a steampunk barbeque pit. 

There don’t appear to be any new cats present with this update, but it’s unclear if new visitors will be added in the future, or if these new items will draw any familiar faces to the garden. 

The prices of the new items are as follows:

  • Fluffy Bed (White, Pink and Brown): 160 silver each
  • Cozy Blanket (Red, Yellow): 110 silver each
  • Rice Kettle: 27 gold
  • Hot-Water Bottle: 120 silver
  • Sunken Fireplace: 70 gold

This update also promises to nix some unspecified bug updates, but doesn’t appear to offer much else. Then again, the unexpected snow wasn’t mentioned in the release notes of the last update, so who knows what surprises Hot-Point might have baked in this time?

You can download the Neko Atsume 1.5.5 update right now from the App Store and Google Play.

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