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Neko Atsume version 1.10.0: New cat and goodies in Neko update!

Neko Atsume has just been updated to version 1.10.0, bringing a new cat and goodies to the addictive kitty collecting game. Here’s everything that was added to Neko Atsume in July 2017 by the latest version.

Neko Atsume is one of our favourite time wasters on iPhone and Android, thanks to its cute and cuddly nature. Luring happy cats to our virtual garden has become something of an obsession, as you can probably tell from our extensive catalogue of features and guides.

On July 20, the game creators updated Neko Atsume to version 1.10.0. This new version brings with it a fresh new rare cat to collect, as well as two regular cats and several new goodies.

Here’s all you need to know about the Neko Atsume update.

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What new rare cats do we get in Neko Atsume v1.10.0?

A single new rare cat has been added to Neko Atsume by this update, although right now this moggy is a bit of a mystery.

The new cat added in this version update is called Hermeowne. This fuzzy feline is black and comes rocking a purple pointy hat, like a wizard, and has a gentle nature. That power level is a rather impressive 200 (beaten only by a handful of existing cats, including Jeeves and Ramses the Great – even Whiteshadow isn’t this powerful). So far, the memento is unknown.

We’ll see if we can lure the furry blighter out with some of the new goodies (described below) and update with a pic and full info.

What new regular cats do we get in Neko Atsume v1.10.0?

Two new regular cats have been added in the latest Neko Atsume update.

Chocola is a white and chocolate cat (as the name suggests), who apparently is quite forgetful. He/she has a rather high power rating of 155 and we’re yet to learn what memento this new kitty will leave behind.

Likewise, we don’t know which memento will be left by Willow, a grey and white cat. Willow is guileless (in other words, a sweet and innocent little fluff monster) and comes packing a modest power rating of 80.

Here are thumbnail images of the purr-fect Neko Atsume additions:

What new goodies do we get in Neko Atsume v1.10.0?

The creators have seen fit to add no less than nine new goodies for your cats to play with in version 1.10.0. These are all items that can be laid out in your garden, for your kitties to play around with or chill on.

Here’s the full list of new goodies added to Neko Atsume and we’ll bring you more information as and when we have it.

Aluminium Pot

Like the aluminium bowl, this new pot allows a single lucky feline to slip inside for a quick cat-nap. It costs 220 silver fish and doesn’t attract any rare cats, just like the bowl.

Black & White, Choco-mint, Lemon and Orange Cushions

The new Choco-mint and B&W cushions costs 120 silver fish to install in your yard and fits a single cat, while taking up a small area in your garden. That’s slightly more expensive than the existing cushions, which all cost 100 silver fish to buy.

However, there’s also a chance that these new cushions will attract a rare Neko Atsume cat. The creators have left this one a mystery for now, so we’ll have to experiment and report back on that one.

Meanwhile, the new lemon and orange cushions actually look like a slice of said fruits. These cost 15 gold fish to purchase and sport the same size as the other cushions, although we reckon they’re likely to have a rare cat sat on them when you lay them out.

At the very least they’ll add a nice splash of colour to your garden.

Green and Purple Grass Cushions

The new green and purple grass cushions sport the same asking price and qualities as the existing grass cushion collection as well. In other words, they both cost 200 silver fish and fit a single cat, while taking up a small area in your garden. No rare cats will be attracted, sadly, so this is just a fresh set of colours.

Nightview Egg Bed

One of the most exciting new Neko Atsume goodies added by the version 1.10.0 update is the Nigthview egg bed. This is similar to existing egg beds but sports a very cool astral design inside of the purple frame, so cats can go to sleep while gazing up at the stars. This item costs a whopping 38 gold fish and is guaranteed to attract a rare cat – which we’re hoping will be the new Hermeowne cat added in this update.