Nokia 2220 slide Preview

Inexpensive and very straightforward, the Nokia 2220 Slide is a basic low-end slider phone designed to handle the essentials.

The 1.8-inch screen may sound tiny if you’re used to the likes of the iPhone and HTC Desire, but it should be good enough for texting and other basic features. The VGA camera doesn’t come with many bells and whistles – there’s no flash or auto-focus, for example.

Keeping things simple, there’s no music player but the FM radio should keep you entertained when you’re above-ground. There’s a 3.5mm audio jack so you can listen to the radio on your own headphones. And although you can’t listen to them as music tracks, MP3s or AAC files can be uploaded from your computer assigned as ringtones. You can browse the web on the Nokia 2220 slide but only over GPRS which is likely to be slow and costly.

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