Nokia 6600 Fold Review

The 6600 Fold is a stylish phone, constructed with expensive and durable-looking materials, but decidedly feature light. It’s not as smart as some of Nokia’s other phones but it is a smart looking phone.

What we like
Smooth, elegant and angular, with a reflective metallic finish, available in either ‘Mysterious Black’ or ‘Sophisticated Purple’, the Nokia 6600 Fold is a right old charmer. This quad-band flip phone boasts not one, but two attractive OLED display panels — the main screen, and the exterior screen. The exterior screen displays the time, battery life and signal, receding from view with a simple tap of the finger.

The main keypad is very well built and designed — the keys are large enough to ensure that typos are a minimal occurrence and the middle row of keys comes rendered in a different finish to the rest of the phone, making it easier to absently distinguish between keys and concentrate on texting. 3G compatibility also comes in to make up for the meagre set of features, but HSDPA would have been nice.

What we don’t like
The 6600 Fold looks great and feels superb but it’s not a high-end phone when it comes to features. For starters the camera is average at 2-megapixels; image quality is poor and the camera lacks an autofocus option or xenon flash. There is no dedicated camera key either which makes taking shots on the fly a little fiddly. There’s no HSDPA, no Wi-Fi, no GPS and no 3.5mm headphone jack, so if you’re looking for a multimedia beast, then look elsewhere.

The Nokia 6600 Fold is a stunning flip phone boasting a design from the future, but features from the past. It’s ideal for style conscious users and for those who just want a phone that does the basics but don’t buy this phone if you’re looking for a smart phone with all the trimmings.

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