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Retrogawp: Hands on review, Nokia 8110

Behold, the Nokia 8110. The gradual increase in absence of hardlines throughout the Matrix has forced many of us to turn to mobile phones in order to download new information and training. Similarly this lack of useable landlines has made that transition between our digital and real selves just that little bit harder.

Thankfully mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has come to the rescue and created the 8110. The companies innovative slider handset combines reliability with design to bring us a one stop solution for all our communication needs. A spring-loaded hard cover protects the keys when you’re not using the phone, preventing accidental phone calls to the Nebuchadnezzar or Zion.

Included in the mobile package is a 3100 mAh battery which allows enough power to send yourself back and forth between the Matrix multiple times, all on one charge. For those who find a digital world in which you can fly or dodge bullets boring, the Nokia 8110 offers plenty of distractions, such as cutting edge mobile game Snake II.

In terms of handset design Nokia has gone for an extremely robust approach. The mobile is almost invincible; on test it survived us dropping it from the top of a skyscraper into a pile of garbage, as seen in our pics above and below.

The 8110 will also continue to ring indefinitely, perfect for those calls you just can’t quite answer because of Agents giving chase or helicopters crashing into buildings.

The phone is relatively expensive compared to competition, currently priced at around €1000. But then other handsets like the Samsung SPH-N270 do not offer quite the same reliability as the 8110.

Despite being able to transmit what is presumably a vast amount of data (i.e. a digital version of a human being) through a mobile phone signal, the 8110 struggles with most normal mobile functionality. The handset lacks WAP or even complex SMS technology so don’t expect a Google search on the go. A concierge service however does come with the package; a well-spoken lady called Trinity offers free advice in the finer points of Kung Fu and other martial arts.

All in all the 8110 is a good bet for those making their first venture out into the Matrix. Expect a combination of functionality and clever design to please, while the reliability of the handset ensures you never get stuck in trouble.

The handset is currently on offer on internet trading site eBay. Prices range from £2.99 to £99.99 for an 8110.

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