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Samsung Galaxy A5 6 (2016) Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy A5 6 (2016) camera review: We test the new Galaxy A5’s 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel cameras, to see if they come close to the excellence of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 snappers.

Samsung’s brilliant Galaxy A5 smartphone from 2015 has just been refreshed for 2016 in the form of the Galaxy A5 6. This mid-range mobile offers premium features like an impressive 13-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front-facing shooter, which blow away most other rival smartphone snappers.

Here’s our full review of the Galaxy A5 6 cameras, including photo and video samples.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 6 (2016) camera review: Camera app

Samsung’s familiar camera app from the Galaxy S7 pops up again on the Galaxy A5 2016, and while it’s not the cleanest or best organised camera interface, it’s perfectly functional.

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Samsung Galaxy A5 6 (2016) camera review: Photo samples and camera performance

After snapping hundreds of shots with the Galaxy A5 2016 over the past few days, we’re very pleased with the results.

Unlike the Galaxy S7, which tends to boost colours so they really leap off the screen, the Galaxy A5 seems to capture more realistic hues. Photos taken in bright daylight boast loads of detail, with saturation only occuring in high contrast scenes (for instance, a sunny sky often appears more white than blue). Our snaps still look great when blown up on a telly, with close-up macro shots particularly impressing.

Motion is also handled well, when the lighting conditions are good. Rarely did we have to discard a blurry photo, even with a frantic cat and a hyper child involved in a good portion of the test shots. Only photos taken in dimly lit rooms with a lot of flapping involved were a write-off.

When the light drops, a fair amount of grain also creeps into the Galaxy A5 2016’s snaps. There’s a special Night Mode which helps to brighten things up, but you’re best off using the excellent single LED flash, which lights up everything in front of you without over-exposing.

A closer look at the detail levels (click to expand):

Samsung Galaxy A5 6 (2016) camera review: Video performance

The Galaxy A5 2016 can shoot HD and Full HD video, and the quality of our home movies was consistently strong. Tricky lighting is well handled and the lens is dependable when it comes to focusing, even if it isn’t the fastest around. There’s some basic digital image stabilisation built in too, so movement while shooting doesn’t result in too much judder and shake.

Here’s a Full HD video sample shot with the Galaxy A5 6’s rear camera.

Samsung Galaxy A5 6 (2016) camera review: Selfie camera

That 5-megapixel front-facing camera captures detail-packed selfies, proving better in some instances (such as those sun-kissed snaps) than a few premium handsets. Bright light is no bother and the lens captures every blotch and crag, so it’s just as well that there’s a beauty mode to make you nice and smooth again.

In low light the selfie camera does suffer, with lots of ugly grain creeping into your snaps. But beyond that, the A5 performs admirably.

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