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Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Guide: What’s new?

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus may look and feel just like last year’s flagship phones, but one feature that’s received a lot of love is the camera tech. Both of these blowers boast a high-tech shooter, capable of changing aperture to suit any given environmental conditions. And the Galaxy S9 camera app now boasts a lot more features, including Super Slow Motion and AR Emojis.

That’s not all. If you stump up for the Plus-sized model, you get a bonus secondary telephoto lens which you can swap to at any time – just tap that icon up in the top right corner of the camera app.

Galaxy S9 camera features: Bixby Vision

Down in the bottom right you’ll spy the Bixby Vision icon. In the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, this can now translate foreign writing in real time. Just choose the ‘text’ option and aim at the sign, menu or whatever else you need translating. This should then be automatically converted into English before your very eyes. Snazzy!

Galaxy S9 camera features: Super Slow Motion

Another new feature is the very cool Super Slow Motion mode. You can swap to this simply by flicking your finger down the S9’s screen from the main auto mode. Super Slow Motion records 720p HD footage, with the ability to capture tiny snippets of video at a stunning 960 frames-per-second. When viewed back, the action will slow right down at those points, with quite incredible results.

You can manually activate the Super Slow Mo recording when needed, but Samsung has also included a funky auto mode. Just drag the on-screen box over your subject, and the moment any action is detected, that feature will kick into life. That’s a great way of making sure you don’t miss the action, as these snippets really are very brief.

Once your video has been shot, you can do all kinds of stuff with the results. For instance, you can play around and edit the clip to even have it playing in reverse. And we love that you can even set the video as your lock screen background.

Galaxy S9 camera features: AR Emoji

One of the other big new features that Samsung is really bigging up is the new AR Emoji mode. This allows you to snap your gorgeous mug and then turn yourself into a cartoon emoji, kind of like Nintendo’s Miis. These can pull various expressions to match your mood and then used in the likes of WhatsApp and other messenger apps, in place of bog-standard emojis.

You can see all of these camera features in action in our Galaxy S9 camera hands-on video, below.