Samsung Pixon 12 Preview

This is the Samsung Pixon 12. It measures 107.9mm tall by 53mm wide by 13.8mm deep and it weighs 119 grams. The Samsung Pixon 12 has a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera with a baffling array of different shooting modes as well as digital zoom and a xenon LED flash. The camera is also capable of capturing video and there’s another video camera mounted on the front so you can make video calls. The Pixon 12 is one of Samsung’s most feature-packed phones and its multimedia features reflect this. Aside from the music player and video viewer you can also play games on the large 3.1-inch screen. We will hopefully update you with more information and pictures soon. Sign up to our email service if you would like to be told when the full review goes live.

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