Samsung S7330 Review

The Samsung S7330 has been modelled on the spectacularly successful Samsung Soul and boasts a similarly stylish exterior. The Samsung S7330 is available from 3 mobile for just £15 per month.

What we like
Even though we don’t think it’s as sexy as the Samsung Soul, the S7330 still looks good for a less expensive handset. The plastic and metal casing feels solid, and the touch-sensitive navigation pad adds an extra dimension to the S7330’s appearance.

The S7330’s 3-megapixel camera takes relatively good shots and offers autofocus, a self portrait mirror and an LED flash. The on-board music player is also good, supporting the same amount of file formats as the Soul .

If you want to access the Web, upload pics or download content you can use the S7330’s speedy HSDPA (3.5G) connection. Finally, there’s a microSD slot capable of holding up to an 8GB card, which is enough to store quite a few tracks and pics.

What we don’t like
We’re not very keen on the S7330’s slide-out keypad, it’s flat and packed together making typing awkward at times. There’s no 3.5mm headphone jack for the S7330, which means you’re stuck having to use the proprietary ones or using an adapter. The camera is good for a mid range handset but it suffers in very low light and would greatly benefit from a xenon flash.

The S7330 is a decent phone but we can’t see why you would buy this over the Samsung Soul, particularly since you can get the Soul on some very reasonable contracts.

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