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Sony Ericsson Nypon LT22i leaked: qHD display, 1GHz dual-core chip, Ice Cream Sandwich

Alongside the rumoured Nozomi which we’ve heard a few things about and the Aoba comes word of the Sony Ericsson Nypon, aka the Sony Ericsson LT22i.

The Nypon (a possible re-spelling of Nippon?) looks to be the latest leak of Sony Ericsson’s next generation of Android phones.

It’s thought to come with a qHD display (960 x 540 pixels), Ice Cream Sandwich and, according to an unnamed source at Xperia Blog, will run on Sony Ericsson’s own CPU – the NovaThor U8500.

The NovaThor U8500 processor features a 1GHz dual-core chip that can handle 1080p video recording, HDMI and USB support and support for cameras with up to 20-megapixel sensors. We doubt that we’ll be seeing phones with such ridiculously huge sensors anytime soon though…

Given that Ice Cream Sandwich will feature support for USB controllers, it’ll be interesting to see how phones with this CPU will play ball with things like PS3 controllers and external keyboards.

ST-Ericsson has posted a series of videos of a NovaThord U8500-powered Android ‘board’ running Ice Cream Sandwich. So while there’s no leaked product shots or blurrycam pics of the Nypon (we really hope that’s not the final finished name) these videos give us some idea of how the phone will handle things like web browsing and Spotify.

Bear in might that Sony Ericsson is likely to add/improve on it’s own Facebook Inside Xperia interface for its forthcoming Ice Cream Sandwich phones.

Source: Xperia Blog, ST-Ericsson


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