Sony Ericsson T715 Review

Sony Ericsson hopes the T715 will put a little bit of luxury into your life, and we’ve got to admit we do like the design of the little slider phone. But with so many powerful phones available at ever-lower prices, is it worth opting for such a basic handset?

What we like

The stylish slider-design in silver and black plastic is pretty swish, and the handset has a satisfying weight to it. The buttons are well laid out – a welcome change from a number of similar basic handsets in the Sony Ericsson range, like the Jalou and Naite.

Like most Sony Ericsson phones, we really like the amalgamated inbox on the T715; not only can you check your messages in threaded conversation format, but you can also see your email inbox, Facebook messages and use instant messanger from here.

There are a number of apps pre-loaded on the handset, like Twitter and weather apps, and there is also a good range of games. We also like having the multi-tasking functionality but did find it a little frustrating when we accidentally left a number of things running and the handsets battery went right down.

The camera is pretty standard; with 3-megapixels, it’s nothing to write home about but it is easy to use and the features like multi-shot and panorama are welcome additions.

What we don’t like

Setting up email wasn’t exactly straightforward – using the Email on 3 function errored several times, and we were disappointed that the generic email app couldn’t auto-detect settings of major webmail providers like many other feature phones we’ve used.

There’s no 3.5mm headphone jack on the handset, so you’re looking at investing in an adaptor or using the cheap headphones which come with the handset. These are a little tinny but not too bad, although we didn’t find them comfortable to wear.

The screen isn’t exactly huge, but it is fairly crisp and not too bad for most applications.


Like many Sony Ericsson handsets, the T715 isn’t up to a great deal more than messaging, calling and occasional web-browsing. But in such a nice package with a build quality that really feels sturdy and looks good, you could do a lot worse.

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