Sony Xperia E Preview

Following on from the debut of the company’s latest flagship: the Sony Xperia T, the Japanese manufacturer has proceeded to flesh out the product line, with various handsets in the mid-range such as the Miro and Xperia J and now the entry-level lineup, with the likes of the older Xperia Tipo and the brand new Sony Xperia E.

The Xperia E puts one thing above all else, voice calls; a function that obviously predates when the ‘smart’ came to smartphones, but nevertheless, one of the most important features of any phone and something that recent devices have seemed to place on the back burner somewhat. The Sony Xperia E is one of the most affordable handsets to feature HD Voice and provided you’re on a network and calling a handset which both support the service, calls are said to be significantly more crystal then what we’ve come to expect from the average phone call, both when speaking and listening.

Sony’s new low-cost handset doesn’t simply revolve around HD Voice of course, it also has a full suite of Sony Mobile features, services and apps, not to mention a similar design language to more premium handsets such as the Sony Xperia J and special tools designed to ease those users new to smartphones into the Sony ecosystem.

With entry-level handsets typically getting paired to entry-level tariffs, the handset has also been designed to let consumers stay on top of cost and power consumption. The data usage app monitors how much is being spent and when the phone is in standby, disables data functionality after an allotted time whilst letting calls and texts continue to come through like normal. The extended standby mode is said to increase the standby time up to four times too, by switching off unnecessary functions.

We’re still not sure of an exact arrival time for the Sony Xperia E, but it’ll be arriving within Q1 2013, which pins its touchdown anywhere between January and March.

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