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Sony Xperia X battery life test: How good is the X’s battery?

How good is the Sony Xperia X’s battery life? How long is the battery life during everyday use, how fast does the battery charge up and what’s the Xperia’s Stamina Mode? Here’s our full Xperia X battery test results.

We’ve spent a few days with the Sony Xperia X (check out our unboxing and full Xperia X review), so can finally answer one of the biggest questions we had before the phone landed at Recombu HQ: How good is the Xperia X’s battery life? Can it really match the two full days promised by Sony?

Well, the Xperia Z5 promised up to 48 hours of life per charge too, and came pretty close with a day and a half of full-on everyday use. Here’s how the Xperia X fared in the same tests.

Sony Xperia X Battery Test: Charging

We used a Quick Charge compatible cable and plug from Aukey to power up the Xperia X from empty to full, to give it the best possible chance in our battery charge tests.

Our own Quick Charge plug sadly didn’t produce the expected results, giving just ten percent battery charge in ten minutes at the plug. This fell well short of the 5.5 hours of basic use promised by Sony.

The phone’s battery charged at the rate of one percent per minute for most of the test cycle, eventually tailing off when it hit 90 percent at just over 90 minutes. In the end, a full charge to 100 percent took just under two hours overall.

Sony personally recommends the Quick Charger UCH12 plug for use with the Xperia X, so we plan to retest with this specific device to see if it makes a difference.

Sony Xperia X Battery Test: Everyday battery life

So, how good is the Xperia X’s battery life? Well, we’ve used the Xperia X for a few days now, not including some time out in Tokyo, and the Xperia X performs just how we expected.

You won’t quite get two full days of use between charges, unless you knock off most of the X’s features, dim the screen right down and refrain from playing with it too much. Still, even with lots of regular play, including plenty of camera and app use, the Xperia X will happily last between 24 and 36 hours on a single charge.

That’s as good as most other flagship phones, including the Xperia Z5, and better than some premium rivals such as the Galaxy S7.

Sony Xperia X Battery Test: Stamina Mode

There is of course a Stamina Mode on the Xperia X to stretch out the life you get from each charge, which is a quick and easy way to keep the Xperia X going when you’re on the move. This automatically trims some features such as GPS, graphical performance, display booster features and so on, while also stopping apps from using data in the background. Automatic syncing is also slashed, so you’ll need to manually sync your emails and so on.

You can set Stamina Mode to activate at any point between 15 percent and 95 percent battery life, and it definitely makes a difference to the Xperia X’s battery life. Of course, it also seriously hampers your use of the phone, beyond the basics. You should only use it if you’re desperate to wring out a bit of extra battery life, to stay in contact with the world before you finally reach a plug.

For the truly desperate, there’s also an Ultra Stamina Mode. This cuts your data connection entirely so you only have access to a handful of apps, including text messaging, your contacts book and the camera (see screenshot above). As a result, you’ll enjoy days of battery life – perfect if you’re heading out into the wilderness, with no need for a connection.

Sony Xperia X Battery Test: Media test

If you want to stream video non-stop then the Xperia X will drain at the rate of approximately 15 percent per hour, giving you close to seven full hours of play time before the battery dies. That’s a strong result and better than average for most premium phones, although the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy phones and the iPhone tend to perform better.

Sony Xperia X Battery Test: Longevity

Sony also boasts that the Xperia X’s battery performance will not degrade as fast as rival mobile batteries, giving the Xperia X a longer lifespan. Of course, we can’t test this out just yet, but check back later for our long-term review to see if the Xperia X’s battery really is built to last.

For more Sony Xperia X features, including our full review and camera review, check out our Sony Xperia X Series hub. You can grab the Xperia X from O2 from £32 a month, with no up-front cost.