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TagBak reward and return scheme free with Protect Your Bubble’s mobile insurance plan

Hands up if you’ve ever lost your phone? We have (at least once). Though we were able to get ours back (thanks to some friends and an app) those four-or-so hours when we didn’t know if we we’d ever see our phone again were awful. Agonising.

Which is why whenever we find other people’s phones on buses or trains, we always do our best to find out who the owner is and get in contact with them. Failing that, we hand them in to the relevant lost property department.

Sadly, we can’t honestly say that everyone out there is as well-intentioned (or modest) as we are.

TagBak’s reward and return scheme however should make returning lost phones easier. And, thanks to a minimum £15 reward for handers-in, encourage more people to do the right thing as well.

The idea is that you buy a TagBak label – each of which has a unique ID number – stick it somewhere on your phone and then register that unique ID at the TagBak site. Anyone who finds your lost phone can go the TagBak site, enter the ID number and a courier will get in touch and arrange for a delivery. The courier also means that the service is totally confidential.

TagBak has been around for a while, but has today announced a partnership with gadget insurers Protect Your Bubble.

Protect Your Bubble’s comprehensive plan now comes with a single TagBak sticker bundled. This covers a single item for a year and normally costs £12.95.

Protect Your Bubble’s mobile insurance plans start from £1.49 a year; additional TagBak stickers can be had from as little as £5.95 for basic cover (where you have to pay for the courier) or comprehensive (£12.95) where delivery of your returned item is paid for.

Sounds like a good deal to us. Only problem, exactly where do you stick your TagBak sticker so that it doesn’t look unsightly? They come in a range of shapes and sizes, so if you’re creative, you’ll be able to find somewhere. If you’ve got an iPhone 4 and you’re still suffering from Antennagate, you could always stick one of the slim stickers over that black strip


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