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Top Eleven 2016 Guide: Tips and tricks to get started and win the league

Top Eleven 2016 (iOS) tips and tricks guide: How to choose the best formation, pick a perfect training regime, manage your squad, prepare for a match, manage your money, upgrade your ground, find the best transfers, win your games and rise to the top of the league.

Personalise your Top Eleven 2016 team

When you start Top Eleven 2016, you’ll be given a default club to manage (unless you import one from a previous game). To update the club’s name, country and city, head to the Club pane and then tap the green pencil icon. Flick left from this page and you can also select new jerseys, if you have any.

You can also rename and manage your stadium by heading to the Ground section. Check out the ‘Upgrade your ground’ part of the guide for more information.

Get the right Top Eleven 2016 starting formation

Obviously you should try not to use any players out of their favoured positions, or their performance won’t be as strong. The ‘Roles’ column shows you the different positions each player is happy in. If you try to reposition a player and a yellow exclamation mark pops up next to the player icon, that means they’re playing out of position.

If you want to swap out one of your first eleven for someone on your bench, simply drag and drop the player you want onto the player who you want to boot out. They’ll be switched over.

Want your players to push forwards or hang back, for a more attacking or defensive structure? Simply tap them on the pitch view and you’ll notice that an arrow appears behind them. Tap once for an attacking role, twice for a defensive role and three times to clear.

How to select set piece takers and your captain in Top Eleven 2016

Head to the Squad pane and then tap the green arrow at the bottom right corner of the pitch overview. This allows you to select your penalty and set piece takers, in order of preference. Obviously you’ll want to pick the best players for each role – for instance, attacking midfielders are your best bet for taking free kicks, and you should choose someone who prefers playing on the left to take set pieces on that side.

You can also select your captain here, and we’d recommend choosing a player based on star rating. Remember to select a few different players, in case your chosen captain is injured, subbed or sent off.

Scout your opponent and choose the right tactics in Top Eleven 2016

You can also flick left from the squad view to see your squad tactics. This allows you to switch between attacking and defensive mentalities and also issue specific commands for each match, such as which flank to concentrate your attacks on.

Check out your opponents before each match to see what their strengths and weaknesses are, then adjust your tactics accordingly. In the Home panel you’ll find an overview of your upcoming match. Tap ‘Match Preview’ and then tap on your opponent’s badge and you’ll see an overview of the team. Select the ‘Squad’ tab and you can see the star ratings of each player, as well as their usual formation.

If one side is defensively weaker than the other, then concentrate your attacks down that flank. If they’re very aggressive, then try playing defensively and catching them on the counter-attack.

If you are playing against a weaker opponent you should set an offensive tactic and try scoring early, not leaving them a chance to be competitive in the match. And if you have a big match ahead, you might want to try “High pressing style” and “Man to man marking”, which will give you a big advantage in defence. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this tactic will burn out your players more quickly, so you’ll need a strong bench to replace your knackered stars.

How to prepare for a match in Top Eleven 2016

In the Home panel, you will see the ‘Preparation level’ for the next match. This should be at Superb before your game kicks off. Tap the ‘i’ icon to see what could be done to boost your level.

Your squad may not be rested enough, in which case you can either instantly refresh them if you have enough Rests, or simply sub in some fresh players. It’s a good idea to do training well in advance of a match too, as they will gain condition points over time, and hence be fresher for the game. To see how long you have to wait for your squad to gain condition points, head to the Training section in the side-bar and then Physio Center.

Morale is also very important to making sure your players perform. Try offering them bonuses, which is a great way to keep them motivated.

You should also make sure you run your squad through three full training sessions before each match, so they perform to their maximum potential. Check out the ‘Effective training tips’ section for more information.

Match tips for Top Eleven 2016

When a match is ongoing, keep an eye on your squad’s condition – if players start the match with their condition beneath 90 percent, they’ll probably tire before the end of the game. If you see a player’s condition bar turn orange, it’s probably a good idea to sub them – tired players perform below their usual standard and are more prone to injuries.

You can also check your squad ratings during a match now, a new feature of Top Eleven 2016. If you see that any of your players are performing poorly (score less than six), you should consider taking them out come the second half and replacing them with another player.

To substitute players, flick left to reach the squad page and then drag and drop a suitable sub onto the tired player.

If you’re struggling against an opponent, you can switch up your tactics mid-game; just swipe left twice. It’s a good idea to try an attacking mentality if a match is a stalemate. If you are losing, you’ll have more chance to get back into the match by setting an offensive formation – but, on the other hand, this could leave you more vulnerable from opponent’s counter attacks. And when you are in the lead, a good tactic is to play with more possession and a less attacking formation. This gives your opponents less chance to nab the ball and attack, or catch you on the break.

Need some mid-game advice? Tap the button with the rotating icons and your coach will tell you if a change in tactics is required.

Effective training tips for Top Eleven 2016

To give you the best chance to win each game, you’ll want to run your team through three separate training sessions before the match. Each training session consists of three different kinds of activity, which you choose from your currently unlocked selection.

Picking a good combination of activities and placing them in a smart order will help you to maximise the training benefits. This part involves a fair bit of trial and error, but Top Eleven 2016 at least tells you at the end of each training session how good your combination was. Personally, we’ve found that a warm-up followed by fast counter-attacks and a passing activity usually results in praise.

Bear in mind that some training activities are better suited to certain players. For instance, there’s no point in involving your goalkeeper in an attacking session, nor should you train your strikers to be better between the posts. You can pick zones of players to involve in each training session before you begin, so pick wisely to avoid tiring out players for no reason.

The more you train, the higher your training level will soar. And with every level that you gain, you gain fresh new activities to try out on your players. Identified any key weaknesses in your squad, like a leaky goalie or a lack of goals? Try tailoring your sessions around these weaknesses to improve your performances.

Upgrade your ground in Top Eleven 2016

Head to the Ground pane and you can build a new training facility, medical facility, parking lot and more. Note that you can only build one structure at a time; we recommend building a training facility immediately, followed by medical to help out with any injuries and then parking so you can get some fans in to raise extra cash.

If you zoom into your ground, you can upgrade the facilities there too. You’ll want to put in extra seats when you hit capacity so more fans can come, while a pitch upgrade helps to reduce the chance of injuries. When you have loads of cash stored up and your club is rising through the leagues, you’ll want to tap the ‘Stadium’ tool within the Stadium section. This allows you to upgrade to a bigger, better arena, which will take less time if you’ve already performed upgrades.

The Top Eleven developers recommend investing in your Youth academy as soon as possible, as this gives you a chance to add some excellent players to your team without splashing out on costly transfer fees. You can even sell these players for a big profit if you find yourself in desperate need of cash.

Manage your finances in Top Eleven 2016

Head to the ‘Finances’ section and you’ll see an overview of how much cash you have available, with your income and expenses clearly broken down. One easy way to boost your cash reserves is to sign up for decent TV rights/sponsorship deals.

Flick left once and you’ll find the TV rights deals. The standard deal with Nordeus gives you a token per day, but if you’re planning on playing every day you’ll earn more tokens with the OH2 deal to start with.

Flick left again and you’ll find the sponsorship tab, which allows you to choose a deal to take. Your best bet near the start of the game is the Nordeus deal, a 600k season-long contract that gives you lots of cash to spend on instant transfers. Nice.

Flick one more time and you can set the ticket price for each type of match. Beware of hiking prices in times of need, however, as you’ll drive away the fans. You’re best off keeping the price relatively low until you hit capactity in your stadium – but don’t push prices too low as you’ll lose out on essential cash.

Transfer tips for Top Eleven 2016

With transfers, you never know how many rounds of an auction there will be. If there aren’t many people interested in the auction during the initial round, you might have a good chance to grab a player for a small amount of tokens.

Sometimes, it is worth buying a good scout if you really need a good player in a specific position (if he will be a top scorer or top assistant in the league, you will not regret spending tokens in this way). Sometimes a good direct offer for a player you like can be a good way of getting a perfect new player for your squad.

Managers get more money by selling players on auctions, but if you need some cash immediately, you might want to sell your players to a football agent. This will give you less money for your players, but you’ll receive the money instantly.