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Underworld Football Manager Tips and Tricks Guide

Underworld Football Manager Beginner’s Guide: Our tips and tricks for this iPhone/Android game reveal how to manage your team and its finances, play matches and win competitions, as well as upgrade your city and rise to the top of the pile.

We’re massive fans of football management apps and games here at Recombu HQ, with the likes of Champ Man 2017 and Top Eleven (promoted by none other than ol’ sour-faced Mourinho himself) proving particularly popular.

However, Underworld Football Manager offers something a little different from the rest. In this game you don’t have to play by the rules – at least, not all the time. In fact, your best chance of building a trophy-winning football team is by bribing rival players and taking down the competition using sabotage and dirty tactics.

Here’s how to get started with Underworld Football Manager and some top tips to rise to victory.

Personalise your Club

Manage your team

Play matches

Sabotage your Rivals

Complete Quests

Monitor your progress and finances

Upgrade your facilities and skills

Invite friends

Underworld Football Manager Guide: Personalise your Club

Before you start playing Underworld Football Manager, you’re asked to give your club a name (or use a random one), and create your football club’s emblem. It’s a good idea to take some time personalising your club now, because even though you will be able to change your club’s info later on, you will have to pay with “Gold” (a rare in-game commodity) in order to do so.

To change your club’s name and emblem, just head over to the Villa in the north-eastern section of your city. The Villa will appear in your city roughly when you reach level 5, after completing enough quests.

Underworld Football Manager Guide: Develop your players and boost their attributes with game items

You will be given a team to manage when you start the game, but of course most of your players will start at level 1. As you might expect, that’s not great; the higher the level of your players, the stronger your team is overall.

You can develop your players by playing exhibitions matches, which raises their experience points (XP). Soon after starting the game you’ll unlock the Sport Laboratory, which can be used to level your players up and boost their skills.

Alternativelty, you can also scout players on the Community Pitch. This is a quick and easy way to recruit higher-level players with stronger attributes. We recommend doing a bit of both, to build your team effectively.

Speaking of attributes, each player has a set of 6 physical and 6 mental attributes. You can boost a player’s physical attributes by giving him ‘improvement items’ like Boots or Underwear (well, you’ve gotta be comfy, right?), which you buy at the Pawn Shop. Be warned, though; items cannot be taken back, but only removed and thrown away if you no longer need them.

Pay attention to both the physical and mental attributes of your players. Players with higher Talent (a mental attribute) will level up faster. You can’t improve Talent by training, so it’s good to sign players with higher Talent, and release those with low Talent as soon as possible – they’ll only hold you back.

You’d be wise to keep an eye on a player’s age too. Players age one year for every seven days that passes in real time, and start to perform worse once they reach 30.

As in real football, players in Underworld Football Manager always perform better in their favourite positions. Generally you want players with LF, CF and RF on their jerseys to play left, center and right forward, respectively, and LM, CM and RM to occupy midfield, and so on. However, higher-level players can still perform well in a position that is not their favorite, which is worth bearing in mind if you’re really struggling with injuries.

When you’re in the Stadium, check the overall performance of your top eleven by looking at their attribute numbers on the left-hand side, while swapping your players around. Overall gains will be shown briefly in green and losses in red whenever you swap or sub players.

As a rule of thumb, you would expect your team to win against a team with lower attributes, but as in real life there’s always a chance of losing to a seemingly weaker team, especially if they’re mentally stronger. That’s life!

Underworld Football Manager Guide: Different match types and Tournaments

There are three types of matches you will play in Underworld Football Manager: Exhibition matches, Tournament matches and League matches. You earn Money and XP (counting towards your overall manager level) after each match as a reward. Finish up higher in Tournaments to earn more money and Budget, while finishing first or second in a League also gets your team promoted to a higher League.

Before you reach level 5, you are able to play exhibition matches only. You can do so any time by going to the Exhibition Ground and choosing a team from a short list of randomly pre-selected ones. Matches take place immediately after choosing. You can also play exhibitions matches against your friends at any time.

Once you get access to the Tournament Arena, you can also sign up for a tournament. Upgrading your Arena gets you access to more tournaments, but you can participate in only one at a time. Tournaments are relatively short, so you’ll be able to take part in at least one each day, if you have the time. This can reap some pretty decent rewards, so it’s worth doing.

The League season is longer, with more matches to play and longer breaks between matches (8 hours in real time). In most active scenarios you will have a League or Tournament match being played every couple of hours, with Exhibition matches in between.

Keep in mind that players can get injured during any match, and it takes them time to recover (unless you are willing to spend some Gold). The trick here is to play Exhibition matches accordingly, planning for any possible recovery period before your next Tournament or League match. Check the schedule in the top right corner to make sure you’ll have enough time.

Of course, players with higher Fitness levels are less likely to get injured, which is also a bonus.

What happens if your rivals’ team is stronger? Well, the good news is that winning in Underworld Football Manager is not only about tactics and training. You can affect the outcome of a match by attacking or bribing your opponent’s players or vandalising their facilities.

Underworld Football Manager Guide: How to sabotage your Rivals

In Underground Football Manager, you can outwit your rivals by building a strong team and beating them fair and square, or you can simply say ‘sod it’ and sabotage them instead.

Three main means of bringing your rivals down are at your disposal: attacking, vandalism and bribery. Sabotage comes at a cost, of course; you can expect to get arrested and sent to Prison occasionally for getting your hands dirty. And your rivals will probably be out for revenge, too.

Attacking a rival’s players is something you can do early in the game. You can buy a “baseball bat” or a “voodoo doll” in the Pawn shop, then go to your rival’s Stadium and choose a target for your weapon. Although your primary target will probably be a player from rival’s top eleven, you can also attack players on a bench. Attacked players receive injuries of varying length and, depending on what item you used against them, they’ll either become unable to play or suffer a penalty to their attributes in the match if not replaced.

You can protect your own players from attacks too, by giving them Defend items bought from the Pawn shop. Funnily enough, you can also attack your own players if you’re feeling particularly vindictive. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, eh?

Next up are vandalism items, accessed from level 15. These allow you to attack actual facilities — a Stadium, an Exhibition Ground, and so on. Successful vandalism brings a building down by one to three levels, so your rival’s entire team is at a loss depending on the effect of the building. Police are there to protect your buildings, but you start with only a few, so it’s a good idea to upgrade your Police station early on.

Once you’ve mastered attack and vandalism skills, you’re given a more subtle option: bribery. Access to bribery items appears even later in the game. They cost more, but they’re also more effective: should you successfully bribe a player to be rubbish in a match, your opponent won’t know until it’s too late. The bribed player might even injure one of his own team mates, which is a nasty little bonus.

The main thing protecting you from bribery is your players’ Loyalty attribute. This is why you want to sign Gold, Silver or Bronze players once you can, and invest in mental attributes of existing players when leveling them up.

Underworld Football Manager Guide: Complete Quests

You will probably spend a lot of time completing quests early in the game. Early quests are designed to help you understand Underground Football Manager’s basic mechanics and guide you through the game’s processes. We recommend focusing on completing quests until you are at least level 7, since quests cover most of the things you would want to do as a beginner in Underworld Football Manager anyway.

Later on, you’ll find that some quests require more time and actions on your part to complete. Be patient, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Underworld Football Manager Guide: Monitor your progress and finances

The bar at the top of the game screen contains important information about your progress and your finances. The top left corner has a Home button and a level indicator, which shows your level as an Underworld football manager and your current progress towards the next level. You gain XP towards levelling up from most actions, including playing matches (of all kinds), completing quests, and earning achievements.

There are three main game currencies you need to carefully manage: Gold, Money, and Budget Points.

Gold can be used to speed up your progress in the game, for example to instantly heal your players or upgrade your facilities. It’s a rare commodity which you can purchase or earn from a few other sources, but thankfully you can progress well without spending any.

You need Money to buy those improvement, attack, bribe and defense items for your players, while you need both Money and Budget Points to sign new players and upgrade facilities.

You get Budget points by reaching new levels, competing in tournaments, completing seasons in the league, earning achievements and even by simply logging in every day. The same activities bring you some money as well, but cash is also being printed by your Finance HQ, so you’ll always have some flowing in – as long as you remember to collect it, of course.

Last but not the least is the Heat level indicator. Should you decide, or be forced, to get involved in questionable activities like vandalism, attacking or bribery, this indicator will show how likely you are to get noticed by the police and get yourself thrown into Prison. Higher levels also indicate a lower chance of success when you go for attacks and vandalism.

Underworld Football Manager Guide: Upgrade your facilities and skills

Another important aspect of the Underworld Football Manager is the city builder element. You start off in a run-down city with only a couple of low-level facilities. Reaching higher levels gains you access to extra buildings, each of which is responsible for a certain aspect of the game. Upgrading buildings allows you to increase the benefits you get from these facilities.

Not only can you level up your players and your buildings, you can also upgrade your personal manager skills too.

Underworld Football Manager Guide: Invite friends

A Manager is stronger with friends. You can compete against them in Tournaments and the League, and they can also help you upgrade your facilities faster and break you out of prison should you get yourself into trouble. And of course, friends can come to your aid if you find yourself the target of a violent rival!

You can add both strangers whom you meet in tournaments and the league as friends and invite your real-life friends to join the game. If your friend joins with your reference code, you get a partner who will help you through the game, and you’ll be rewarded with some additional Gold. On the top of that, friends can send each other gifts which cost nothing.

So invite friends, send gifts, compete and help each other out to reach to the top of Underworld Football Manager!