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Superfast 4G mobile internet, with unlimited monthly calls & texts

EE brings your superfast mobile web through 4G, meaning quicker streaming, downloading and browsing from your smartphone.  Every tariff offers unlimited monthly calls and texts, and EE customers can also enjoy 2 for 1 cinema tickets, as well as other great benefits.


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EE Tariffs

EE offers a simple selection of tariffs, all delivering 4G capability for superfast mobile web. You can choose from 12 and 24 month plans, and each one includes unlimited calls and texts. The plans differ in data, so you can pick one with modest monthly usage, or choose something bigger for loads of streaming and downloading. You can also select from a range of the latest 4G-enabled smartphones, available free with different EE plans.

Data plans

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Every EE plan includes unlimited minutes and texts, you just choose your data. You can choose 500MB, 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 8GB or even 20GB. More data means the monthly cost is higher, but you are getting a top-end tariff with superfast 4G mobile web, with no cap on calls or texts, as well as a new 4G smartphone, so it makes for great value.

Minutes & texts

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Most networks will offer tariffs with a limit on calls and texts, but EE is different. Every single plan includes unlimited messages and minutes every month as standard, so all you have to do is decide the amount of data you want. You can also choose from a range of the latest 4G-enabled smartphones, with your new pay monthly tariff.

Phones & tablets

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In order to take advantage of the 4G technology, you need a compatible device which will be able to run the faster mobile internet. The newest and most popular 4G-enabled smartphones and tablets are available to take with an EE tariff, with some offered for free with the plan, and then you can make the most of superfast web speeds.


4GEE icon

EE often refers to its plans as ‘4GEE’, because each tariff gives you 4G technology. EE was the first UK mobile network to offer 4G mobile web, and pioneered both its development and introduction. The coverage does not yet extend throughout the entire UK, so EE’s massive and fast 3G network provides effective back-up.

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With SIM Only plans you get all the benefits of a contract, with inclusive allowances, but at a cheaper monthly cost because there is no new phone included in the deal. You can keep an older phone, or buy a new one outright, but remember that to enjoy the benefits of 4G technology you will need a 4G-enabled device.

EE SIM Only tariffs

Every EE SIM Only tariff includes unlimited calls and text every month, and all you have to do is choose your data. Select from 500MB, 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 8GB and a massive 20GB, and with superfast 4G it’s much quicker to stream movies, download music, watch live TV and play online games on your smartphone or tablet.

Roaming plans

There are 12 month SIM Only tariffs from EE, or 24 month roaming plans which offer the same unlimited calls and texts and let you choose your data. The difference is that for a little extra you get unlimited roaming minutes and messages as well, along with the other great benefits that come with EE deals, like 2 for 1 film tickets.

SIM types

Make sure you get the right kind of SIM for your smartphone or tablet, although you should be able to check this before you set up the deal. You can get a combiSIM which allows a microSIM to be adapted to the common full size alternative, or a nanoSIM, which is much smaller, space-saving technology.


EE is a 4G mobile web network, and the deals are often referred to as ‘4GEE’. Every single tariff from EE offers 4G technology, but you do need a 4G-enabled device, and the coverage does span the entire country. This means you will at times revert back to EE’s massive 3G network, which still provides fast, reliable downloads and web browsing.

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