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With giffgaff you can buy one of the latest smartphones, and choose to purchase upfront or pay it off monthly. This flexibility makes it easier for you to get the phone you want under your terms, and for your tariff, giffgaff has a range of SIM Only offers with loads of inclusive calls, texts and data.


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GiffGaff Tariffs

As a giffgaff customer you will be on a SIM Only plan, so there’s no contract and no long-term tariff or agreement. If you buy a new phone, then you can pay this off monthly, but your usage is separate. There are competitive rates for calls, texts and data, and you can choose a goodybag for inclusive allowances.

SIM Only

With most networks, SIM Only is a type of deal that won’t include a phone, but with giffgaff there are no contract-based plans at all, so everything is SIM Only, and you can still order a new phone. Since there is no contract, it gives you a lot more flexibility and the chance to only pay for what you use.

giffgaff Phones

Even though giffgaff only offers SIM Only plans, you can still buy a new smartphone from one of the leading manufacturers. Buy one of the latest releases, or if you want something cheaper then there are other options available, and with giffgaff you have the choice to buy upfront or pay it off monthly.


These SIM Only bundles give you an allowance of calls, texts and data for a month, and you can choose different ones each time. There are several available, and they cost a one-off fee, with usual rates applying after the allowance runs out. You can also get gigabags for a data-only boost.

Compare GiffGaff Deals

GiffGaff Free SIM

If you want to get started with giffgaff and you don’t need a new phone, then you can order your free SIM online. Standard Micro and Nano SIMs are all available, and there is no fee. You won’t be entering into a contract, with no long-term agreement in place, just a new SIM from a flexible network with competitive rates.

Order online

There is a simple online form to fill out which requests your first name, last name, email address and post code. You can choose between a standard and Micro SIM (these come as one), or the Nano SIM. Make sure you choose the one that fits your smartphone!

Free SIM Benefits

Taking a free SIM means that there is no monthly contract in place, which is ideal for those who prefer to have greater control over their spending and usage. You choose when you top up, and still have the option to take monthly usage bundles for a one-off fee.

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