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O2 Priority

O2 offers its customers some great benefits with O2 Priority, providing something extra just for being with the network. There are deals, discounts and pre-general release tickets on offer, and you can use the apps to keep update with the latest O2 Priority information.

O2 Priority Tickets

O2 customers can get tickets up to 48 hours before general release with Priority Tickets. You’ll have a head start with gigs and events throughout the UK, with some of the most highly anticipated performances at great venues, including London’s O2 Arena and O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

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Priority Moments & Sport

O2 Priority Moments offer discounts with a number of O2 partners, ranging from clothing brands to coffee shops, and there are VIP sports experiences to be won as well. O2 customers can sign in online to keep up to date, and access is available through mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Priority Apps

Download the Priority Apps to your smartphone and have easy access to the great benefits from O2. You can download for Android or iOS, and then navigate through the app to see the latest offers from Priority Moments, and the Priority Tickets available 48 hours before general release.

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O2 Priority for business

Businesses can apply to create their own Priority Moment, providing a great platform for advertising direct to O2’s customers. The offer can be paused, resumed and repeated at any time, and it is a free, no obligation service. You can get started by registering using the online form.

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O2 offers a range of 4G-ready tablets from leading manufacturers, and you can choose from some great value payment plans which include loads of monthly data for web browsing. You’ll also be spreading the cost of the device over two years as part of the plan, making it much more affordable and convenient.

Tablets with O2

There are WiFi-only tablets available, as well as ones which can connect to mobile internet for browsing on the go. The price of tablets will vary depending on manufacturer and features, and through O2 Refresh you also have the option to upgrade to a new model at any time during your contract.

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iPad on O2

With O2 you can get a great deal on the iPad Air 16GB, which includes a 9.7-inch Retina display and runs on the impressive A7 chip for fast, fluid usability. WiFi and mobile web versions are available, and there is also the iPad Mini for a lower-cost option that’s still packed with innovative features.

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Samsung on O2

Samsung’s range of tablets continues to prove popular, and with O2 you can get the highly rated Galaxy Tab S 10.5 16GB, which features a stunning, crisp 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display, 8MP camera and 4G connectivity. O2 also offers the 8.4 version, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

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Other tablets

The Google Nexus 7 offers 32GB of internal memory, with a full HD display and quad-core processor, whilst the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet boasts an 8.1MP camera, Sony Bravia touchscreen display and waterproof design. Browse the deals to see O2’s latest prices on these and other tablets.

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Tablet SIMs

If you already have a tablet then take a look at O2’s tablet SIMS. These allow you to pick a particular tariff, with inclusive monthly data, 3G or 3G/4G connectivity and a set monthly price, but it’s a rolling agreement, so you aren’t committed to a long-term contract, giving you more freedom.

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Data Rollover

With Data Rollover, you can save the data you don’t use and have it added to the following month. Lots of customers end up having data left at the end of each month, and Data Rollover ensures that it’s not wasted. You can check to see which plans offer this, as well as the Rollover limit.

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3G & 4G

For mobile internet in the UK, connectivity is provided via 3G or 4G. O2 offers deal on both, and whilst 3G covers most of the country, the 4G rollout is still ongoing. Those that are connected to 4G will be able to experience superfast speeds on their device.

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Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband provides connectivity on the go, utilising the 3G or 4G network. The device is small and discreet for convenience, and there are different options to choose from with O2. Check for the latest online deals, with both Pay & Go and Pay Monthly available.

Mobile Broadband on O2

Choose an O2 Mobile Broadband dongle, and simply plug it into your device’s USB port when you want to connect on the go. Alternatively, you can choose an O2 Pocket Hotspot, which creates your own WiFi hotspot using the network, and you can connect a number of devices at the same time.

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Mobile Broadband Offers

The ZTE 4G and Huawei 4G dongles are light and provide an ideal solution to web access whilst you’re out and about or travelling to work. Choose between Pay & Go and Pay Monthly deals, or if you need to connect multiple devices then the ZTE O2 Pocket Hotspot comes at a low upfront cost, with the option of preloaded data.

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Mobile Broadband SIMs

O2 offers Mobile Broadband SIMs for dongle and O2 Pocket Hotspots. These come pre-loaded with data, and the choice of 3G or 4G depending on your device’s connection capability. The SIMs are available for an upfront price, without tying you into any long-term contractual agreement.

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3G & 4G

Some devices are built for 3G only, whilst others are 4G-ready. Whilst 3G offers fairly quick web speeds on the go, 4G provides a superfast connection, making for a better all-round web browsing experience. The 4G rollout is ongoing, and if you cannot connect to 4G then you will revert to 3G.

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About O2

O2 is a major UK mobile network provider, offering pay monthly, pay as you go and SIM deals to customers, alongside a range of the latest smartphones from leading manufacturers.

The network focuses heavily on customer benefits, delivering great value for money and a genuine incentive for customers to take up one of the many price plans and offers. The perks have become a key part of the network’s appeal, particularly O2 Priority, offering O2 customers the chance to get tickets to gigs and events up to 48 hours before general release.

Plans and tariffs

Pay monthly

Once you’ve chosen a new smartphone, you can then pick a tariff. Almost every tariff offers unlimited texts, alongside an allowance of data and minutes. You can choose the one that ideally suits your needs, and with O2 Refresh you can upgrade to the latest phone as soon as it comes out.

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SIM Only

SIM deals can give you the benefits of a contract, with loads of inclusive calls, texts and data, but without the added cost of paying off a new phone. Keep your old one but use the new O2 SIM, and get great value for money as well as all the perks that come with being an O2 customer.

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Pay & Go

With O2 Pay & Go you aren’t tied into a long-term contract, but you can still pick a tariff that gives you plenty of calls, texts and data for a single top-up charge. You can also choose from some of the latest smartphone releases, or go for something low-cost, and you pay upfront so it’s yours from the start.

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O2 benefits

O2 Perks

O2 Perks are customer benefits exclusive to those using the network. They include O2 Priority Tickets, giving you the chance to get tickets for events and gigs up to 48 hours before general release, and there are discounts with O2 partners through Priority Moments, as well as O2 Rewards for Pay & Go customers.

O2 Apps

The apps from O2 make everything much more convenient, letting you track benefits and network features through your smartphone. Keep up to date with Priority Moments and Priority Tickets, manage your O2 account, get online with O2 Wifi hotspots and check O2’s network and coverage status.

O2 Connectivity

O2 is a provider of 4G connectivity in the UK, offering customers with a 4G-ready phone superfast mobile internet. The rollout of 4G is ongoing, so you can check online to see whether it’s available in your local area, and there are also thousands of O2 Wifi hotspots throughout the UK.

O2 Tariffs

O2 customers can choose from a wide range of tariffs which feature inclusive calls, texts and data. There are price plans to suit a variety of different usage levels, and you can usually choose from different tariffs in conjunction with a number of the latest and most popular smartphones on the market.

O2 Refresh

O2 Refresh is another great benefit available exclusively to O2 customers. It lets you upgrade your current smartphone to the latest model whenever you like, and it’s offered as part of the deal with a wide range of different O2 price plans and mobiles.

Upgrade any time

When you get a new smartphone, the next version can be out within a year, but the majority of contracts last 24 months, so you have to wait ages to upgrade. With O2 Refresh it doesn’t matter where you are in your contract - you can upgrade at any time, and choose from the latest releases for your new phone.

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Your monthly bill

With O2 Refresh, your monthly bill is split into two parts – the phone cost and the tariff. This makes it easy for you to upgrade, because when you want to change phones you simply pay off the outstanding cost of the original phone, leaving the tariff to continue. The ongoing monthly payment of the new phone is then added to your bill.

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O2 Refresh phones

O2 offers smartphones from the leading manufacturers, including the latest highly anticipated releases, as well as mid-range, cheaper phones. You can take the O2 Refresh with many of the phones available through O2, and choose from some great value tariffs which include minutes, texts and data.

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