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Get free internet calls with Skype-on-Three & a choice of monthly tariffs

Three Mobile has helped to revolutionise the mobile industry, introducing better technology for faster web browsing. Three’s customers enjoy plenty of benefits such as free internet calls with Skype-on-Three, as well as a range of competitive monthly tariffs.


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  1. iPhone 7 Apple
    iPhone 7
  2. iPhone 7 Plus Apple
    iPhone 7 Plus
  3. iPhone 6s Apple
    iPhone 6s
  4. iPhone 6s Plus Apple
    iPhone 6s Plus
  5. Galaxy S7 Samsung
    Galaxy S7
  6. Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung
    Galaxy S7 Edge
  7. iPhone SE Apple
    iPhone SE
  8. iPhone 6 Apple
    iPhone 6
  9. iPhone 6 Plus Apple
    iPhone 6 Plus
  10. G5 LG
  11. Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung
    Galaxy S6 Edge
  12. Galaxy S6 Samsung
    Galaxy S6
  13. G5 SE LG
    G5 SE
  14. Xperia XZ Sony
    Xperia XZ
  15. Blade V7 ZTE
    Blade V7
  16. Galaxy A3 Samsung
    Galaxy A3
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Three Tariffs

Three Mobile provides plans designed for data, giving you plenty of inclusive internet each month, along with loads of calls and texts. There are different plans available, so you can find something with right number of minutes and messages, and when your plan includes all-you-can-eat data then you get unlimited web browsing on your smartphone. Choose from Ultimate Internet Plans, Essential Internet Plans and the popular One Plan.

Pay monthly plans

With Three you can choose from a number of pay monthly plans to suit your usage. If you need unlimited internet then take a plan with all-you-can-eat data, and there is a choice of minutes available. Every plan also offers all-you-can-eat texts, and there are loads of great phones to choose from, including some of the latest releases.

Pay monthly phones

Three offers smartphones with no upfront charge, or a reduced price, when taken with a new contract. This way you can get one of the latest phones without being stuck with the high cost, and Three’s range of phones includes releases from the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Samsung, Apple and HTC.

Three benefits

As a Three customer, you can enjoy some great benefits, such as Skype-on-Three, which offers free internet calls between Three phones. With a Three contract deal, you’ll also have free calls to 080 numbers, as well as low rates to 084 and 087 lines, and Three offers 4G connectivity free of charge to customers with a 4G-ready phone.

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SIM only

Three SIM-Only

A SIM Only plan gives you all the benefits of a pay monthly deal, like inclusive minutes, texts and data, without the added cost of paying off a new phone. You can keep your old phone or buy a new one outright, and the monthly cost of your contract is kept much lower. Three has a range of popular pay monthly SIM Only deals which are all great value for money.

SIM Only on Three

Three is a leading provider of SIM Only deals because its plans offer impressive value. The monthly cost is already kept low because you’re not paying off the cost of a new phone, but you’ll also find that Three offers eye-catching allowances for calls, texts and web with its SIM Only plans. There is a choice of 1 month rolling and 12 month fixed plans, so you don’t have to commit long-term, and the range of plans makes it easier to find the ideal one.

SIM Only plans

The One Plan

Choose between 1 and 12 month plans, and get thousands of minutes and texts, plus loads of data for web browsing.

Ultimate Internet

Get all-you-can-eat data for unlimited web browsing, loads of texts each month and a choice of monthly any network minutes.

Essential Internet

Pick from a range of calls and data allowances, and get thousands of texts included with your plan.

BlackBerry tariff

Three offers a tariff specifically for BlackBerry users, which comes with BlackBerry Internet Services included.

SIM types

Standard SIM

Standard SIM

Most phones use the standard SIM technology, but check this as yours may use one of the smaller alternatives.


Micro SIM

The Micro-SIM is smaller than the standard SIM, originally used in smartphones like the iPhone 4 and 4S.


Nano SIM

The Nano-SIM is even smaller than the Micro-SIM, and was initially used in the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

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Three Pay As You Go

With pay as you go there’s no contract or long-term commitment, so you just top-up with Three whenever you need more credit and you are never out of control of your spending. Even though you can’t get the same generous allowances as you do with pay monthly or SIM Only, there are still great benefits available and some good value for money deals.

Pay as you go on Three

As a leading mobile network, Three aims to provide a great range of deals for customers, even if they are not taking a contract. With pay as you go, you buy your new phone outright, and there is no monthly agreement in place. Top-up with Three whenever you choose, and with Three Add-ons you can get more value from your credit.

Three Add-ons

Three Add-ons trigger allowances, so when you top-up you can choose one and have it added to your phone. The cost gets deducted from your credit, and you can choose from comprehensive Add-ons, adding calls, texts and web, or specific Add-ons which are cheaper and just boost one single benefit, such as texts or data. Each Add-on lasts 30 days.

Pay as you go phones

You can choose from a wide selection of smartphones to take with your pay as you go deal from Three. As it’s not a contract deal, you do not get a free smartphone, but the phone is 100% yours from the start, and there is no commitment to continue topping up regularly – you are free to add credit and get Add-ons whenever you like.

Switching to Three

If you are with another network and want to switch to Three then its’ easy and you can keep your number. You would need to contact your current network and request your PAC (Port Authorisation Code), but as long as you are not bound by a contract or agreement elsewhere then switching is simple, fast and free.

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