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Choose from the latest smartphones & enjoy fast web browsing

Vodafone offers a range of great value, low-cost tariffs, and there are plenty of exclusive benefits for customers. Choose from the latest and most popular smartphones, and enjoy cheap monthly calls, texts and web.


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Vodafone Tariffs

One of the benefits of Vodafone is that the price plans and tariffs are kept simple, so it’s easy to choose the right one. There are clear differences between each plan, and they are all competitively-priced. You can choose different levels of calls, texts and data, with the top tariff giving you everything you need, whilst the bottom tariff keeps it cheap, and there are different contract lengths available.

100 plan

The 100 plan from Vodafone offers 100 minutes with a 100MB of data every month, as well as unlimited texts. This is ideal for those who keep calls to a minimum, but still text and occasionally use their phone for web browsing.

300 plan

With the Vodafone 300 plan, you get 300 minutes for calls, as well as 250MB of data, and unlimited texts. The plan starts again each month, and is available with a range of different phones and smartphones.

600 plan

The 600 plan from Vodafone gives you 600 minutes each month, along with 500MB data for web browsing and unlimited texts. This plan offers generous allowances, and can be taken with some of the latest smartphones.


The Red plan is a comprehensive tariff from Vodafone which gives you totally unlimited calls and texts each month, as well as 1GB of data. You can phone and text as much as you like, and enjoy plenty of mobile web.

Red Data

Red Data is the top tier tariff from Vodafone, and it offers you completely unlimited any network calls every month, as well as unlimited any network texts, and you get a massive 2GB of monthly data for web browsing.

Compare Vodafone Deals

Sim Only

Vodafone SIM-Only

With a Vodafone SIM Only deal you can get great monthly allowances for calls, texts and data, but there is no phone included, which means the monthly price is much lower.

You can keep an older phone or buy a new one outright, and if you’re having trouble deciding on a new long-term deal then a SIM Only 30-day rolling plan gives you more time. There are different SIM types, so make sure you get the right one for your phone or tablet.

Standard SIM

This is the most common kind of SIM card, used in hundreds of different types of phones.


This is slightly smaller than the standard SIM, used in the iPhone 4 and 4S, as well as other devices.


This type of SIM card is smaller than the MicroSIM, and was first used in the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

12-month SIM Only

Choose from a range of 12-month tariffs, including Vodafone Red for unlimited calls and texts, with loads of data and WiFi.

30-day SIM Only

With the 30-day tariffs you have no long-term commitment, and generous allowances for calls, texts, data and WiFi.


If you’re a BlackBerry user then you can have the exclusive BlackBerry services included in your Vodafone SIM Only price plan.

See Vodafone SIM Only Deals

Vodafone Pay As You Go

With a pay as you go deal, you get a new phone of your choice without the commitment of a long-term contract. The phone is yours from the start, and you can simply top up more credit whenever you want. You are in complete control of how much you spend, and Vodafone customers get other exclusive benefits too.

Choosing pay as you go

A pay monthly deal offers you great value, with loads of calls, texts and data, but some prefer not to be tied to a contract. Pay as you go is a popular alternative – whilst it won’t give you the same generous allowances as pay monthly, and you have to buy a new phone upfront, it leaves you 100% free from the commitment of a long-term deal and you can choose when to spend more. You’ll also get great value from Vodafone Freebees and Freebee Rewardz.

Vodafone Freebees

Opt in to one of the Vodafone Freebees and you can get extra benefits with your top-up, such as extra texts and data for web browsing. There are loads of Freebees to choose from, and you still keep the value of your whole credit.

Freebee Rewardz

With Vodafone Freebee Rewardz, you can get a Rewardz code when you top up with more credit. Once you have the code you can enter it online, and you have the choice of an instant reward, or building points and waiting for something bigger.

Pay as you go phones

Just because you are not taking a contract doesn’t mean you can’t get the best phones. Some of the latest and greatest releases are available, as well as a range of lower cost mobiles, and the phone will be yours from the start.

See Vodafone Pay As You Go Deals

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