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Mobile Phone Reviews

At Recombu Mobile we deliver in-depth and impartial reviews of the latest smartphones and tablets.

Mobile phones need to last about 24 months these days and can cost as much as a mid-range TV or Digital SLR. To reassure you that you're buying the right one, we do our utmost to put any phone we get in for review through its paces, living with it as our personal phone, primary web browser, portable media player and digital camera.

We are impartial in our reviews. Within the team with have Android, Apple, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users and we all constantly swap operating systems to keep up to date with the industry.

To ensure consistency in each review we consider exactly the same elements, these include: design and ergonomics, screen, operating system, user interface,connectivity and storage as well as performance and battery life. We also explore all the features; listening to the music player, taking a series of sample photographs and video and watching movies.

In addition to all of the above, awarding our final score factors in price too. As tech focused as we love to be, there's no getting away from the fact that value plays a big part in your buying decision. Budget, mid-range and premium phones are all reviewed against the best in their class.

What's more, if a phone scores highly we will live with it for a few months to back up our recommendation, returning to it roughly three months later for a long term test to see if it still excites us.

We welcome your mobile phone reviews. If you like or loathe a particular phone click ‘User reviews’ and in addition to simply reading our reviews, you can make your voice heard too.

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