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Direct Save launches cheap as chips 95p/month broadband

Budget ISP Direct Save Telecom has raised its low price game yet again; it’s now selling unlimited up to 17Mbps ADSL broadband for under a pound per month plus line rental. 

Line rental can be paid at a rate of £17.75/month or £138/year if you want to pay up front. This is equivalent to paying £11.50/month, representing a saving of £75 compared to the usual monthly rate. There’s also a one-off £24.95 fee for connection and if you opt for the free TP-Link router there’s a one-off £8.95 fee for postage and packaging. 

CEO Stavros Tsolakis says that opting for the annual line rental option makes this 95p/month deal the cheapest in the UK. 

Related: Best cheap broadband bundles and dealsTsolakis said: “There can now be no dispute, our 95p unlimited broadband deal is the cheapest in the UK when combined with our £11.50 line rental offer. 

“We have been working on this deal for some time now, we pride ourselves on being the lowest costing provider in the UK and are always striving to offer our customers the cheapest possible deals.” 

While that is the cheapest unlimited broadband deal going, it only really works if you can fork out £138 for 12 months up front. 

With Direct Save’s standard rate of line rental applied, you’d otherwise be paying £18.70/month. While that’s still very cheap, it’s not as cheap as Fuel Broadband’s current unlimited ADSL deal. 

Normally costing £5/month, Fuel’s broadband deal is currently free for 12 months, plus £16.40/month for line rental. 

There’s no option to pay for 12 months’ line rental up front with Fuel Broadband, but to sweeten the deal, they’re currently throwing in an Amazon Fire TV Stick. This promotion expires on December 31 however, which is less helpful if you’re shopping around for a broadband deal in the new year. 

Direct Save’s 95p deal is also a ‘broadband only’-type deal, which means that there’s no landline calls bundled in. The nearest equivalent Direct Save bundle is its 24 month £1.95 deal which gives you up to 17Mbps unlimited broadband plus unlimited evening and weekend calls. 


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