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Crapps Episode Four: Justin Bieber

Crapps uncovers the very worst Justin Bieber apps on Apple’s App Store, before dowsing itself with petrol and lighting a match.

If you fancy the pants off of baby-faced, firm-breasted bad boy Justin Bieber, then you might want to check out the following godawful apps, which allow you to rub hot rocks into his back, dress him as if you’re his mother and pose for ridiculous selfies with the star himself.

30 Days With Justin

Pretend like you’re Justin’s lady pal in this weird RPG app. Go for dates in the park! Make him origami animals! Receive awkward fake texts with spelling mistakes! Cry yourself to sleep in the knowledge that in real life, he doesn’t even know you exist!

Justin Bieber Dressup

Dress a corpse-like Justin in all kinds of sexy gear. ‘Nuff said.

I Met Justin Bieber

No, you didn’t. But you can pretend to by merging your photo with his, taking fake stalkery to scary new levels.

Justin Bieber Massage

Help a knackered JB relax by rubbing oil into his flesh and…hang on, I need to go puke my lunch across the room.

Celebrity Kissing: Bieber Edition

Bloody paps. Ruining a perfectly good make-out sesh in JB’s fave restaurant.


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