NOW TV is a convenient way to get the best of Sky’s sport, film and entertainment channels in a more flexible way with no annual contract.

There are no annual subscriptions or satellite dishes, while Now TV's combo deal allows you to stream the best of Sky to a wide range of home and mobile devices, from games consoles, smart TVs and PCs, to smartphones and tablets.

Sports fans can access all the Sky Sports channels through the Sky Sports Day Pass for £6.99 for 24 hours, Sky Sports Week Pass at £10.99 and Sky Sport Month Pass at £31.99.

Film fans can watch all of Sky Cinema for £9.99pm, and the Entertainment Month Pass gives you Sky’s top channels for 6.99pm. Families will love the Kids Pass too, which gives access to the best cartoons and kids shows for just £2.99pm.

Depending on which device you’re using, Now TV offers both live streaming channels and a library of on demand titles to watch instantly. That means more than 1,000 films on Sky Cinema, and 11 Sky entertainment channels plus catch-up and box sets of complete series.

If you want to try a few of Now TV's services with no obligation or contract, check out the new Now TV Combo deal. This allows you to pick and choose which Now TV passes you want each month, so you can change your package depending on which sports and shows are broadcasting.

The Now TV combo deal also nets you a free Now TV Smart Box, which converts your telly into a Smart TV and gives you full access to all of your subscribed channels as well as Catch Up TV, complete with a new live pause and rewind feature.

You can stream all of this content using Now TV's own internet packages too, if you like. Now TV offers three speeds of connectivity - Brilliant Broadband (up to 17mbps), Fab Fibre (up to 38mbps) and Super Fibre (up to 76mbps), which can be added to your Now TV Combo package.

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How to watch

You can watch NOW TV on a huge range of home and mobile devices, using up to two devices to watch at the same time, from a total of four devices registered to each account.

Most devices can be used for sport, cinema and entertainment, but there are some differences, and not all Android devices support NOW TV.

You can watch all NOW TV packages on PS4, PS3, Roku, LG Smart TV, NOW TV Box, Xbox One and Xbox 360 (with Xbox LIVE Gold), PC or Mac, iPad, iPhone and selected Android devices.

The Sky Cinema Month Pass can also be watched on a YouView box, but there are no live Sky Cinema channels, and there’s also a smaller selection of On Demand movies. You can also watch the Sky Sports Day Pass on Apple TV.

The NOW TV Smart Box

Now TV's latest Smart Box is a set-top device that converts your telly into a Smart TV, complete with full access to your chosen Now TV Pass channels as well as Catch-Up TV like BBC's iPlayer. You can stream live TV with new features like pause and rewind, and get stuck into the movies and TV boxsets that Now TV offers its subscribers. And you can even play your own downloaded content direct through the box, thanks to its handy memory card slot.

The Now TV Smart Box costs just £39.99 but you get it for free when you sign up for a Now TV Combo bundle.

Mobile devices

iOS devices must have iOS 5 or above. Android devices must have Android 4.0 or better.

NOW TV Packages

NOW TV packages come in three flavours: the Sky Sports Day Pass, the Sky Cinema Month Pass, the Entertainment Month Pass and the Kids Month Pass.

The Sky Sports Day Pass gets you all six Sky Sports channels for 24 hours, including Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports News, for £6.99/day. For longer telly sessions there's the Sky Sports Week Pass for £10.99, or you can enjoy the sports channels for a whole month for £33.99pm.

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The Sky Cinema Month Pass brings all of the Sky Cinema channels streaming live, as well as an on-demand library of more than 1,000 films, with loads of new premieres every month. It costs £9.99pm with a free 14 day trial.

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The Entertainment Month Pass gives you Sky’s 11 most popular channels: Sky1, Comedy Central, Fox, Gold, Discovery, Nat Geo Wild, Sky Living, Sky Atlantic, MTV and Sky Arts 1 and 2. There’s also a great library of recent catch-up episodes and complete box sets of TV series. Join now with a 14 day free trialthen it's just £6.99 a month, unless cancelled.

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The Kids Month Pass is perfect for families, offering the most popular TV shows for younger viewers. The likes of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Nick Jr are included, boasting shows such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom and loads more. For just £2.99pm, you (and your little ones) can't complain with a free 14 day trial.

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The Now TV Combo Deal is a triple play, so you need to choose from one of Now TV's phone packages, types of broadband and TV service you're interested in and these stack up to make your complete package. Now TV's broadband contribution to your package price starts at £8 for the Brilliant Broadband, £18 for the Fab Fibre and £26 for the Super Fibre.

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