Once just a cheap broadband provider, TalkTalk has become a supplier of unlimited broadband, TV and phones without breaking its value promise to customers.

TalkTalk's also invested heavily in customer service, and now fields complaints at low levels not far behind Sky or Virgin.


There's a choice of standard copper-based broadband at up-to-17Mbps or hybrid fibre broadband at either up-to-38Mbps or up-to-76Mbps.

Prices start from just £22.95/month including line rental for Fast Broadband and a phone, with fibre from £27/month.

There are no usage caps on any of TalkTalk's broadband services, and standard broadband is available to more than 85 per cent of homes through 'unbundled' BT exchanges where TalkTalk has its own equipment.

TalkTalk Broadband also comes with the award-winning HomeSafe feature, which protects every device in your home from viruses and malware, and allows you to set up parental controls.


TalkTalk's TV service is based on YouView, combining Freeview HD with seven days of catch-up from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five, and more via your broadband connection.

There's a choice of a TalkTalk TV box with Essentials TV for a one-time £25 fee, rising to a twin-tuner recorder with Plus TV and TalkTalk Entertainment package (which includes the likes of Sky 1 and National Geographic) for £6/month on top. You can also supplement both with additional channel packages including Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.

Home Phone

The Fast Broadband package doesn't have any inclusive phone calls, but you can add landline Boosts for unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles as well as various international calling offerings.

Mobile and tablets

TalkTalk broadband customers can access a range of mobile phones and tablets with simple price plans and no upfront costs, plus SIM-only contracts and the usual Boosts for specific features.

Since the company's October 2016 refresh, any Fast Broadband or Faster Fibre-based package also comes with an improved TalkTalk Mobile Essential SIM, which includes 500MB of data, 200 minutes and unlimited texts on a 30-day rolling contract.

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TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk's Fast Broadband is the base package onto which you can add TV, phones and superfast fibre broadband, with unlimited broadband for £22.95/month including line rental.

It's an up-to-17Mbps copper connection, available to most of the UK through TalkTalk's unbundled BT exchanges, on a fixed price 18-month contract.

TalkTalk’s ADSL2+ service recorded an average download speed of 8.1 - 10.2Mbps in Ofcom’s November 2014 broadband speed report, with uploads around 800kbps based on their May 2013 report.

In the package

All of TalkTalk’s broadband services come with a free Huawei wireless router, a TalkTalk email account, and the HomeSafe protection and parental controls service.

Fast Broadband and standard TalkTalk TV homes get a router with two Ethernet ports, Plus TV and Fibre customers get a four-port fibre-ready router.

There’s a £25 connection fee for new fibre customers, although it’s often waived, but since October 2016 the company's line rental fees have been integrated into their new fixed-price 18-month contracts.

HomeSafe is supplied for free, and it’s designed to help parents block every device from websites you've defined as unsuitable, or restrict access at different times of the day.

Fibre broadband

TalkTalk offers two tiers of FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) broadband on top of Fast Broadband or the TalkTalk TV and Plus TV packages, at either up-to-38Mbps or up-to-76Mbps.

  • Faster Fibre Broadband costs £27/month for up-to-38Mbps - real-world speeds are likely to be around 30-35Mbps downstream and 2Mbps up.
  • The Faster Fibre Boost adds £5/month to your standard fibre bill for up-to-76Mbps down, likely to average 60-62Mbps in practice and up-to-10Mbps up.

TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk TV is a unique combination of YouView with flexible premium channel Boosts, packaged with unlimited broadband.

There's a choice of standard TalkTalk TV, with a simple box that can rewind live TV for up to 30 minutes, or Plus TV, which comes with a full-featured HD digital TV recorder.

Both the standard and Plus boxes can receive the full range of Freeview HD channels and connect to your broadband to put seven days of catch-up on your TV from the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5, as well as Dave, Milkshake and the option of Sky's Now TV.

You can also access the TalkTalk Player for pay-as-you-go movies on demand, or add TV Boosts giving you a range of extra channels from as little as £5/month, including Sky 1, MTV, Fox, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. BT Sport is not available on TalkTalk TV.

TalkTalk TV is available on either of the company's Fast Broadband or Faster Fibre Broadband packages, both of which come with an 18-month fixed price which includes line rental.

Standard TalkTalk TV: £25 one-time fee

The standard TalkTalk TV box can pause and rewind live TV for up to 30 minutes, on both Freeview channels and the TalkTalk Player.

Plus TV: £6/month plus £25 one-time fee

The Plus TV box lets you record Freeview channels on a 320GB hard disc that can store up to 160 hours of regular TV and 80 hours of Freeview HD. A future upgrade will enable recording from the TalkTalk Player TV Boost channels.

Plus TV comes with the Entertainment Boost as standard, featuring channels like Sky 1, Comedy Central and Disney.

TV Boosts

TalkTalk TV groups channel selections into Boosts, which can be turned on and off on a monthly basis. These are as follows:

TV Starter Boost: £5/month or inclusive with Plus TV

Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky Living, Sky Arts, Sky Sports News HQ & Real Lives

Kids Boost: £5/month

Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr, Nick Toons, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Disney Channel On Demand, Disney Junior On Demand, Disney XD On Demand, Nickelodeon On Demand, Nick Jnr On Demand, Cartoon Network On Demand (CN Now), Boomerang On Demand.

Entertainment Boost: £6/month

Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky Living, Real Lives, Sky Sports News HQ, Sky Arts, Gold, Fox, SyFy, Alibi, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Lifetime, History, H2, Sony Channel, W, Comedy Central, Comedy Central Extra, Crime and Investigation Channel, Universal Channel, MTV, MTV Bass, MTV Classic, MTV Dance, MTV Hits, MTV Music, MTV Rocks,TalkTalk Film Club, MTV On Demand, National Geographic On Demand, Comedy Central On Demand, TCM On Demand.

Picture Box: £5/month

A great selection of recent and classic movies from the NBCUniversal stable, available instantly on demand.

Box Nation: £12/month

The only 24/7 boxing channel in the UK & Ireland showing domestic and international fights, classic match footage and award-winning documentaries building up to the big events.

Sky Cinema and Sky Sports

Sky Cinema: £10/month

Sky Cinema Premiere, Sky Cinema Comedy, Sky Cinema Disney, Sky Cinema Drama & Romance, Sky Cinema Family, Sky Cinema Modern Greats, Sky Cinema Hits, Sky Cinema Sci-Fi & Horror, Sky Cinema Select, Sky Cinema Thriller.

Sky Sports: £25/month

Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 5, Sky Sports F1.

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema: £42/month

World TV Boosts

Asian TV: £10/month

Sony Entertainment Television Asia, Zee TV

TalkTalk Box Office

Rent the latest Hollywood blockbusters, family favourites and kids movies for up to 48 hours, with weekend double bills of four films for £4. Regular prices are £4.50 in high definition, £3.50 for standard.

TalkTalk Phone

TalkTalk's phone service is included with all of its broadband/fibre packages and line rental is included in the monthly cost.

Whilst line rental is included in the monthly cost, calls aren't free without the purchase of the Unlimited UK Calls Boost, which covers anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles for £5/month. Calls to other TalkTalk customers are always free.


Calls to UK landlines cost 11.5p/min at any time (01, 02, 03, 0845 and 0870 numbers, not including Jersey and Guernsey).

Phone Boosts

Unlimited UK Calls Boost

Anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles for £5/month. Calls to other TalkTalk customers are always free.

Voicemail Plus

Personalised greetings, extra storage and remote access for £2.55/month.

International Saver Calls Boost

Guaranteed discounted rates to all international destinations direct from your TalkTalk landline for £2.50/month.

International Extra Calls Boost

1000 minutes of inclusive calls direct from your TalkTalk landline to any landline included in over 50 top destinations. Guaranteed discounted rates to all international destinations direct from your TalkTalk landline for £5.00/month.

International Max Calls Boost

1000 minutes of inclusive calls direct from your TalkTalk landline to any landline or mobile included in over 50 top destinations. Guaranteed discounted rates to all international destinations direct from your TalkTalk landline for £2.50/month.

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"Been with Talktalk for about 5 years. Service has always been very good. Internet speed around 16mb and TV a good experience (no need to pay Sky prices) Happy customer."


"Been with Talk Talk a couple of months. Was with Virgin for a few years but they couldn't supply my new place. Does not seem as reliable as Virgin with loss of service on a couple of occasions and varying DL speeds. Not exactly cheap either but OK."


"I've joined talk talk by default as they've taken over pipex. I pay the premium unlimited monthly cost so i've yet to see much difference. however, internet speeds are fairly average and you can really see the problem when using multiple devices on the same connection. The connection is usually very stable so I have no complaints about connectivity"


"Originally signed up with Tiscali due to lack of choice for my exchange. I've not had any issues due to drop out or slow speed. Modem was replaced quickly and efficiently after it failed. No compliants."


"we have been with talk talk for ages and they habit of cutting us off when we pay the bill early! the internet is of a standard speed i would say, not slow, not fast. takes forever to get through on the phone and they dont usually help much unless you threaten to leave"


"Phone deal is good - no charge after 7pm at night and before 7am as included in monthly package. Broadband speed is slow and connection drops off on a regular basis - which is annoying. Secure package is excellent at £2 per month - it stops me getting viruses/trojans etc. Helpline support is bit hit'n'miss - but no charge for calls to them. OK broadband provider - phone calls very good."


"I've been with these years now,i find it an excellent all round service !!"


"We have used TalkTalk for broadband and phone for two years. My mother switched away from them because speed dropped dramatically at school home time but we only seem to suffer during the holidays. We shall check internet speeds when we move to see if changing supplier is worth while but have had no real complaints with service. I do feel they have not approached us with any better offers and it seems to be a buyers market at the moment so we may be able to get a better tv/phone/broadband package. I think everything depends where you live and the experience of your neighbours counts more when service levels are so regionalised! "


"Fairly reliable connection, broadband speed can be slow at peak times."


"Talk Talk is probably the cheapest broadband and phone service provider. On three different occasions we have had a few hours without internet and phone. Apart from this, we don't really have any complaints about the actual telephone service itself, which runs on our pre-existing BT line. In our circumstances, where the the majority of our calls are local, we just pay for service and line rental each month and local calls are free - local area extends at least 20 miles away, but could be more. The Broadband is slow and intermittent. I often need to reconnect in the morning. Definitely could be better. We have saved money by changing to Talk Talk, and, as others will no doubt agree, you probably get what you pay for."


"I had a lot of problems in the beginning when I signed up as I was lied to by their agent on the phone as to what I would be paying. The broadband is ok though it can be slow in the evenings."


"Slow connection and connection is regularly dropped. Can take sometime to be able to speak to customer services, but to be fair they have been efficient. Phone line is fine. Cheap deal & I suppose you get what you pay for"


"They have great value deals however I do find that my broadband sometimes just goes off by itself so not 100% reliable. I am not getting the predicted speeds either so not as fast as I'd hoped. "


"Was with tiscali and migrated to Talk Talk when they took it over. To say its been disappointing is an understatement the bills were wrong for months and were more than I was led to believe and despite being only a short duistance from my local exchange I've always had a disappointing speed. Customer service is not interested! can't wait for my contract to expire."


"I have been with talktalk for years with internet and phone deal, I have got no complaints, I get to phone my daughter in Australia whenever I want and its all included in the monthly price."


"Very average. I haven't used the phone service and I think that's the best thing about talk talk. But I can't really complain, we have a fairly good deal and it's far from terrible. "


"Was offered a good deal 3 months ago. So far so good!!"


"can be slow at times, which drives me mad. would prefer he option of one year contracts. my bill is never more than a couple of pounds over my contracted price as i generally use the phone on local calls. not a bad provider, but not the best. once my contract is up for renewal will more than likely move somewhere else."


"Good value for money,But "SKETCHY" reliability at certain times of day,and I'm not just Talk Talking about peak times either."


"We have telephone and broadband. Telephone no problems and broadband is not too bad but we do lose connections quite a lot and at times can be very slow. But overall good."


"Broad band service is good until there is a problem, then forget it. I when 8 weeks with no connection due to due to problems between the TALK TALK and BT line. All there call sites are in India and are of no help. There English is very bad and it takes for ever for them to sort problems."


"Cheap as chips - Great reliable broadband they seem to fix issues fast when things go wrong and the any time phone package means I can talk for England and no nasty surprises when I am billed."


"I was a little worried when I moved from f2s to TT hearing of some poor residential porformances and speed. No such issues with the transfer or indeed any other issues."


"Well priced deals. Reliable and fast broadband. Account can be controlled viagood website. But if anything goes wrong, the helpline support is awful."


"Been with talk talk a few years now and it does me just fine, enough speed to stream and download movies etc. living in a small villiage I not expecting alot but it has been getting slow as of late."


"Pretty good broadband (nearly 8mb ps) although do suffer from short frustrating dropouts. Bundled price with home telephone is hard to beat"


"I use essentials package general surfing, and found once the initially supplied router was changed for an adequate model that broadband has been acceptably consistent around 9mb. telephone package good. an ok service so far"


"Very reasonable rates once set up. Although customer service is a bit of a nightmare.."


"Been with Talk Talk for 3months and no problems so far,so very happy. A little faster than BT with 4 times the max download 40 gig, BT was 10 gig. This is cheap as chips and so far so good."


"Great value for money, had some issues with the supplied router at first, however it has been swapped and I've had no issues since. Overall if your looking for the cheapest option, talk talk would come out on top."


"Can be a little hit and miss at times but on the whole pretty stable and contrary to other reviews, their customer service is quite good."


"I have been with Talk Talk for several years and over all there service as been excellent for home phone use,but not the best for broadband as the signal can drop now and again but acceptable for the price I pay so all in all I am happy with Talk Talk."


"I think talk talk is excellent I use it for phone and broadband good value for money I would recommend it to all my friends ."


"Joined Talk Talk a couple of years ago when CPW offered the free laptop on sign up. We're now past the 24 month contract, but still paying £19.99 per month! Broadband speeds VERY slow, loss of connection or failure to connect at all very frequent. If you call up customer service, it's never their fault & if the solution isn't on their 'crib sheet', they can't help you."


"You can't argue with the value, but it comes at the cost of customer service. The broadband and phone prices are good, and can be made even better with boosts such as £5 for 500 mobile minutes (but be warned - they say to all UK mobiles, but it's not true). The broadband is adequate, though not suitable for P2P. Notorious drop-outs from some of their routers. And if you're looking for a SIM only mobile deal, then they have some great packages which can be great for families. But the customer service and support is often very poor. Eager and polite overseas support staff regularly fail to understand the nature of a problem, searching instead for the 'right' cut 'n' paste reply. The UK support staff on the forums seem to have a like it or lump it attitude."


"Having been with TalkTalk for about 6 years I would recommend them to anyone. We've had no problems at all, connection speed seems quick and definitely enough for a family with teenage kids. The packages are competitively priced and for anyone with family abroad it works out to be very good value!"


"Whilst TalkTalk did provide me with a free router, which was a lot easier to setup than other routers I've had in the past. When I did need to ring them up to ask about some certain settings, their technicians varied greatly in communication skills. Some were fantastic, others were awful. Overall TalkTalk have decent customer service (6/10), and a very competitive pricing structure (9/10). So overall I'm happy with them."


"Not fast, but cheap & reliable. Customer service has improved dramatically, felt like a VIP last time I called them."


"Cheap & cheerful, but expensive calls if anything goes wrong..."


"Router wouldn't work and exchanged one wouldn't go wireless plus it can be very slow in the evenings. However its cheap and generally works well and I have found the talk talk forums are amazing at solving problems and much better than phone calls. I would recommend paying line rental in advance to make more savings but been with them three years as you get all you need if can stick to 40gb download limit."


"Talk Talk is good for price but the router they supply didn't work, so we had to buy a one. The 40GB download limit is hardly sufficient and getting extra bandwith is not cheap. Other than that they are good value. "


"All in all im very happy with my phone and broadband provider, TALKTALK, the download speed is fast and the phoneline is clear as a bell. The only thing unfortunatly is that there fixed price isent fixed, it keeps raising, this is a problem."


"As competitively priced as they are, the quality of the internet connection in my local area is highly inconsistent and follows no pattern on a day to day basis. Also the router supplied is perfectly serviceable for numerous connections but won't allow an Xbox 360 to connect to media center on PC, a known issue with the relevant model. We have been waiting on a replacement for weeks and still heard nothing. Not a happy bunny."


"Talk-Talk. I receive Broadband & phone yet for nearly two years now have had nothing but trouble with the internet side. Price/packagewise they cannot be beaten. That is really the only positive thing I have to say about them. Everytime I complain I am told to contact BT as it's their line, BT tells me TalkTalk have to approach them but Talktalk deny this. Last week I went through to disconnections to cancel the package & suddenly they offer to send a super engineer to look into the problem. He told me they'll get BT to retune the line which will increase speed & stability. This has taken two years!! My neighbours both get 2.5mb with BT yet I struggle with .7 on a good day with a ping over 100milliseconds. The best & only real way to deal with TalkTalk is to always ask for their disconnection dept whatever your problem. These guys are the best at their job, have the most flexibility because it's their job to keep your custom (they immediately cancelled this months bill) & they are UK based. Remember to join TalkTalk is a free call. Every other number is very expensive. "




"Very happy with talk talk ,no problems so far run several laptops in household no problems very reasonable"


"Started using talk talk plus service in January, am disappointed with the slow download speeds and often find when switched the modem off and switch on after even a day, requires a re-boot/ has connection issues automatically! Telephoe service appears ok, but does not always switch to 1571 (optional) answer message when phone not answered."


"We have phone broadband and TV though talk talk and have found their broadband works well. Thankfully we haven't had to call customer services for this. We don't use the phone however their TV service is terrible, it freezes constantly and I get the impression that they aren't focusing on the TV area of the business any more so don't want to help. We were originally with Tiscali which was taken over by Talk Talk, the price was increased however we had no notification that this would happen until we called to enquire why it had shot up so dramatically. We have been the lucky ones with regards to talk talk however even we have had a few issues with them. When we move we will leave Talk Talk and go to another provider, the only reason we haven't done this is because we don't want to get in a 12month contract when we are unsure when and where we will be going."


"I was with talk talk, couldn't wait to leave, customer service was absolutely terrible, I spent nearly 6 hours constantly on the phone one day being transferred from operator to operator or on hold"


"once everything up and running then it is great, however if you need any tech support then be prepared for a long tiresome journey, dealing with their layered support. customer service leaves a lot to be desired"


"I think they are actually starting to become quite expensive. I had numerous problems with billing and their customer service skills are horrendous. I am actually leaving them at the end of the month, I made them aware of this and they offered to reduce my bills... well maybe they should have given me that offer before I told them I was going to leave, I would avoid them"


"I've been with TalkTalk for about 3 years now, after initially taking out an 18 monthscontract for telephone line rental, telephone calls and broadband, for a total monthly outlay of approx £19. Pros: 1) very high download limit - 40Gb per month - a good sensible amount. 2) Very few disconnections 3)Very good website, with full information about your account, call usage, broadband usage etc. Cons: 1) Very slow download speed - usually somewheer in the region of just 2.5 Mb/s. I live in a city, but almost 2 miles from exchange, and we haven't got cable to the cabinet yet. I can get far better speeds from 3 Mobile broadband! 2) Customer service by phone is a bit hit and miss - mainly offshore, and sometimes provide irrelevant help."


"Have been with Talk Talk for years and I have to say I have never had any serious problems with them, had an issue with my phone line once but they kept in regular touch to let me know the progress. "


"Never had any real problems with Talk Talk, always found broadband speeds to be the fastest I've had since starting with broadband. "




"I've found this to be a solid broadband service (I don't use them for phone calls). The billing system caused me problems, though. They stopped collecting payments twoards the end of 2011 and didn't tell me. The first I knew about it was when they cut me off!"


"They are improving, they need to improve still but they are very cheap :)"


"Bad customer service. If you exceed download limit, they slow the internet down. Doesn't work very well at peak times anyway. "


"Talk Talk offer a competitively priced broadband, but sometimes their customer service can leave you tearing your hair out. Our router/modem recently failed but it took ten days to receive a new one because you can't use just any modem with Talk Talk, you have to use one of theirs which are now getting a bit long in the tooth so Carphone Warehouse don't stock them any more. So, after being Internet-less for ten days, how easy was it to set up the new modem? Very. But we find that we can't take a laptop far from the house before it loses the Wi-fi signal."


"I got Talk Talk by default being a satisfied Pipex customer. My line speeds have recently increased so that's a positive point. The customer service is absolutely atrocious. I'm still beng chargd separately fr phone and broadband despite filling out forms to get them billed together last Octiber. Try phoning them to sort it out and you get to speak to someone who acts as though they have never heard of the Internet. I have had the occasional line drop with them though these are infrequent and don't usually last for long. I'll stick with them a little longer to see how it goes. "


"This company is average, sometimes the internet cuts off without warning and can stay off for sometimes up to a day, the phone also goes off a lot too again with no warning which is not very good since I have medical problems. Also their web site goes down a lot so you can not check your net usage or account."


"Terrible customer service and we never get the download speeds advertised! Also do not believe the download limit counter thingy; it always tells us we've gone over and they are threatening to charge us more because of this, but we checked the dates and we weren't even in the country!!! TalkTalk may be cheap but you're getting what you pay for and certainly no more- DON'T tie yourself into a long contract with them or you will probably regret it like we do :)"


"Got phone and broadband recently and have no complaints as such, especially on the price. Th package is a lot cheaper than I was paying before with BT. Broadband has a few momentary blips that disconnect me from things like my connection to work but it's nothing I can't deal with. Customer care were ok when I phoned, not UK based though..."


"I've been with TalkTalk for years now. They frequently score badly for customer service and I agree. I hate Indian call centres. No offence to India, but there is a language barrier that can't be broken. Another problem I've encountered (which may be a fault from OpenReach/BT) is when I moved house I had to change my number. No option. However I've only had to call once so all that aside, for reliability and speed I've given them 4/5."


"Great Value! - We have been with TalkTalk for 6 months now. Connection was quick and simple and we have had had no issues with our unlimted broadband package since. Ive heard some people have had issues with cancelling but this doesnt matter as we dont intend to. "


"I've been with Talk Talk for many years and have only experienced one major issue in all that time. The customer service was not great in resolving the problem and it took a while, but eventually was sorted out. And for the low price you pay I guess you can't expect everything! Overall I've experienced a reliable and fast broadband service from Talk Talk."