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1 in 5 young drivers play Draw Something behind the wheel

Young drivers are so addicted to their smart phones, they’re even playing Draw Something or Angry Birds behind the wheel, a survey has found.

Drawsome! There goes her no claims discount.
Drawsome! There goes her no claims discount.

‘Digital’ car insurer Ingenie pulled 1,000 young drivers aged 17-25 away from Twitter momentarily to find out how they used their phones while driving. 18 per cent of the youth who have Draw Something on their handsets have played the game while driving, while 17 per cent of youngsters admit to playing Angry Birds behind the wheel.

It gets worse. Up to a third of those surveyed admitted to checking Facebook while driving. Next time you see a kid in a Fiesta, he’s probably spending more time fiddling with his Internet than looking at the road ahead. 

They survey suggests it’s not just smart phones that are to blame — ordinary feature phones can prove an even bigger distraction. Over 40 per cent admitted to answering calls while driving without a hands-free set.  Presumably, they’re the ones you see holding their phones like walkie talkies because they think nobody can tell they’re on a call. 

Text messaging seems an even bigger distraction, with 44 per cent saying they’d sent a text, and a whopping 62 per cent admitting to having read a message whilst on the move.

Ironically, Ingenie itself has a smartphone app that is designed for use while driving. The mobile app provide feedback on your driving style (cornering, swerving, braking, speed and acceleration) and hands out information on who to call and what to do if you have a crash. The company says it won’t send driver feedback messages to your mobile while you’re driving and has started a #DontDriveDistracted campaign (ironically on Twitter) to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers not paying attention.

Ingenie provides car insurance for young drivers aged 17-25 using the latest telematics black box technology to detect your individual driving style, rewarding those who drive well with cheaper insurance premiums.


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