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10 UK landmarks most likely to cause a crash

You might think a pile of old stones in a field would not be particularly interesting, and yet the ancient rock rack is number one on a list of most distracting landmarks in the UK.

Stonehenge topped the list of most distracting landmarks in the UK.
Stonehenge topped the list of most distracting landmarks in the UK.

Of the 2,000 motorists surveyed by insurance broker More Than, 26 per cent admitted the mystery arrangement of pre-historic stones in Wiltshire proved to be a distraction.

Drivers wowed, or bemused, by the landmark allegedly take their eyes of the road three times while driving past, each time for just under four seconds. This means anyone travelling at 40mph will not be looking where they are going for a whopping 200 metres.

Unsurprisingly, 13 per cent of those surveyed said they had either crashed or had very nearly crashed when going past Stonehenge.

The second most distracting accident hotspot in the list was found to be the Angel of the North in Gateshead. Third place went to Blackpool Tower.

Interestingly, just under half of the top ten accident black spots are located in the South West of England. Joining Stonehenge were the stony highs and Soay sheep of Cheddar Gorge, the lengthy Severn Bridge and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

More Than spokesperson Janet Connor said of the driver survey: “The UK is blessed with some amazing sights but motorists need to keep their eyes on the road and resist the lure of staring at them while driving.”

“To avoid having an accident, park-up and enjoy the view safely,” she added. 

Top ten accident hostpots are as follows

1. Stonehenge, Wiltshire
2. Angel of the North, Gateshead3. Blackpool Tower, Blackpool
4. Scottish Highlands (towards Glencoe)
5. Big Ben/Houses of Parliament, London
6. Windsor Castle, Windsor
7. Tower Bridge, London
8. Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol
9. Cheddar Gorge, Somerset
10. Severn Bridge, Aust-Chepstow

Source: The Telegraph
Image: Flickr


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