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12 most extreme road rage videos

It’s easy to lose your rag while driving, particularly when other motorists seem hell bent on cutting you up, running you off the road and generally doing their utmost to piss you off. But while some of us use the odd expletive under our breaths or beep the horn before carrying on with our journeys, others explode spectacularly into a fiery rage. 

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are 12 of the wildest examples of road rage ever captured on video. Some of the content contains naughty language or graphic scenes, so if you’re of a sensitive disposition,  or you’re not quite an adult then you should probably look away now. You have been warned! Everyone else, crank your headphones up to max, and enjoy.

Sweary Australian

Australia is best known for strange animals, cheap lager, a certain television soap and the Crocodile Dundee films (call that a knife?). But it seems inhabitants of this laid back nation can lose their temper like the rest of us, as the man in this video shows. We have no idea who is in the wrong, but be weary of pulling out in front of a bloke with an orange top ─ it might just be this guy.

Fight followed by handshake

Just because two Americans get into a fight because of road rage, it doesn’t mean manners have to go out of the window.  In fact, it seems these two use the scuffle as a way of letting off steam, before shaking hands and going off on their merry way ─ albeit with a few new scrapes and bruises.

Super calm dude

Rather than lower himself to the level of the US Marine shouting and hitting his car, the driver in this video remains calm. So calm, in fact, that it seems to make the aggressor even more angry. Stuff really hits the fan when the laid-back driver finally, nonchalantly, acknowledges his presence with a prolonged stare.

Range Rover bike gang

If you find yourself hounded by a large gang of bikers, you could try and resolve the situation calmly. Or you could panic, drive over them and speed off in the hope of escaping. While the Range Rover was perhaps in the wrong to begin with, the bikers take things to a whole new level, chasing the vehicle and smashing its windows — even though there’s a five-month-old baby on board.


Nobody likes a tailgater, especially this guy. Such is his paranoia, he accuses the man following him of being a “carjacker” while poking him from time to time with a wooden stick. Where the stick came from, we’re not sure, but it makes for more entertaining footage.

Beware the biker

Every now and then, you may come across someone who you just don’t mess with. Ever. Just ask this driver who beeped at a biker at a traffic light to tell him the lights had turned green. We won’t spoil the video, but we will say if this guy isn’t mafia we don’t know who is.

Two on one

We can’t help but root for the guy in the loud shirt in this video. He appears to be handling himself quite well at first but sadly, after a few kicks and punches, a second chap steps in and it ceases being a fair fight. The scuffle ends with the two chaps mercilessly kicking him in the head. Warning: graphic footage.

Mad Australian

We take it back about Australians being laid back. This maniac seems absolutely possessed, ramming the seemingly innocent man off the road, before hopping onto the guy’s bonnet and smashing the windscreen. “I realised this guy didn’t want to exchange details,” the victim said in a TV report. No kidding. The icing on the cake is when the emergency services operator says to, “not go back”.

Serious issues

We hazard a guess this next bloke is having a bad day. Somehow he has wedged his car so it is completely stuck. After a failed attempt at burning rubber to free himself, the nutter gets out and starts kicking his car to bits. Amazingly, all the damage inflicted somehow dislodges his car, but even this moment of triumph is met with more kicking and punching of the innocent motor.

One spit too far

It’s one thing to punch and kick, but another to spit as a long-haired bloke finds out to his peril. At first, the driver sat in his car remains calm, exchanging the odd volley of punches when attacked. The aggressor then spits, before going back to fighting. When he spits a second time, the driver loses his rag, gets out and knocks him to the floor with a single punch. 

Leaving in a hurry

This road rage video looks like something straight out of Hollywood. A car is moving slowly down an alleyway when a green car pulls around a corner into view followed by two men brandishing baseball bats. As the onlookers reverse, all hell breaks loose and the green car is seen accelerating with one of the men clinging to the bonnet. The two vehicles then collide, sending him flying. 

A real kicker

We must’ve let a car through on a narrow street a thousand times, but we’ve never seen anything like this. Instead of seeing a car go past, as you would expect, this particular vehicle has a man on the bonnet kicking the windscreen into a pulp. Even as this is all going on, the driver maintains a safe speed. Probably because he can’t actually see where he is going.

Image: Flickr


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