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130,000 Nissan Micras recalled over dodgy steering wheel

Own a British-made Nissan Micra? Well if you’re still alive, you’ll probably want to send it back to the dealership. The car has has officially been recalled after fears the steering wheel could become loose.

Don't push your Micra too hard -- the steering wheel could come loose.
Don’t push your Micra too hard — the steering wheel could come loose.

The manufacturing is the result of a bolt in the steering wheel which was not screwed tightly enough during the assembly process.

133,868 Micras will be recalled as a result of the manufacturing fault, which also affects more than 800,000 Nissan cars across the world. The UK recall affects Nissan Micras built in the company’s Sunderland plant between 2002 and 2006. Nissan Cubes built between 2002 and 2006 are also affected, but UK motorists aren’t as likely to be affected as only a handful were imported to the UK as grey imports.

No accidents have been reported, and Nissan says there is zero danger of the affected bolt suddenly failing, but it has decided to take action after an owner reported a problem with a loose steering wheel.

Nissan Micra owners will be contacted regarding repairs within the next few weeks. The repairs should take roughly 15 minutes to complete.


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