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16 rugby players squeeze into a Chevy Aveo

Man’s obsession with demonstrating how many human beings can fit into a vehicle knows few bounds. Chevrolet’s knows none whatsoever. We’ve seen countless examples over the years including two from the US-based automaker in as many months.

These men are about to get to know each other VERY well.
These men are about to get to know each other VERY well.

Back in May, the company successfully launched a competition to see how many rugby players could fit into its Aveo, with the most flexible team winning a new kit for their squad. Cambridge-based Shelford Rugby club got the ball rolling with an impressive 11, but more recently Hove RFC upped the ante by squeezing 16 humans into an Aveo.

It’s an impressive feat, but we can’t imagine it would have been very pleasant for anybody involved. The Aveo is a decent small family hatchback, but we’d feel claustrophobic with five people inside it, let alone a dozen-plus sweaty Rugby players.

“It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen,” said Robert Robinson, Marketing Manager at Frosts. “I honestly didn’t know if they could beat the current record, but they smashed it! We’ve really enjoyed the association with Hove RFC, both the club and Frosts are celebrating their 60th anniversaries this year, so it was obviously a great fit in more ways than one!”

We find it difficult to imagine how another Rugby team can top this, but if one thing’s certain, people will try. Human beings never tire of seeing how many examples of a relatively small thing they can shove inside another relatively large one.

Rather them than us.
Rather them than us.



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