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20 years in jail for driver who ran over pedestrians in revenge attack

A motorist who deliberately used his car as a ‘lethal weapon’ during a revenge attack has been jailed for 20 years.

Maybe the rage sparked from seeing those teeth the car mirror
Maybe the rage sparked from seeing those teeth the car mirror

Following a minor spat outside of a Manchester night cub, Aquab Hussain, from Rusholme, Manchester, climbed into his car and deliberately ploughed into a group of men.

The horrifying moment where Hussain’s Vauxhall Corsa speeds the wrong way down a city street before ploughing into partially-sighted Michael Ward and his two friends, Paul Hulme and Martin Harris, is all captured on CCTV footage. It shows the latter two thrown into the air by the vehicle, and carrying Mr Ward 100 metres down the road before swerving to dislodge him from the bonnet.

Mr Ward’s injuries were so severe that he spent 20 days in intensive care and around 4 months in a high dependency unit. Meanwhile, Mr Hulme and Mr Harris suffered injuries including fractured bones and severe bruising. 

Manchester Crown Court heard that the fourth member of the group, Thomas Mallanphy, managed to escape unscathed as he stepped back from the road shortly before the horrific incident.

The CCTV footage shows how Hussain made no attempt to stop the car following the incident and fled the country in a bid to escape the law. 7 weeks later as he attempted to return to the UK, police at Manchester airport arrested him. 

Hussain has been jailed for 20 years after being found guilty of four counts of attempted murder. Rachael Pavion, District Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, told the Manchester Evening News: “Aqab Hussain used his car as a weapon, he sought revenge by driving at speed deliberately at the four men with a clear intention to kill.”

Pavion went on to say that “after he struck his victims, he drove from the scene and showed complete disregard for the harm he had caused.”  



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