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2013 Range Rover video review [with crash]

Good news, folks, we’ve carried out a video review of the new 2013 Range Rover. Yes, Range Rover video reviews are ten a penny, but you’ll want to watch ours because, well, it involves us crashing the thing inadvertently into a river and living to tell the tale.

We jetted off to the incredibly beautiful and picturesque beaches, dunes, rivers and mountains of Morocco, threw it at some of the most inhospitable and unwelcoming terrain we could find and then, amazed by the thing’s capabilities, got a little too cocky and threw it over a low, flooded bridge where things got pretty real pretty damn quickly.

Don’t worry, the Range Rover is fine. It’s more than fine, in fact – it’s brilliant. Not only is the car designed to shrug off some fairly major collisions, it’s also designed to cocoon is occupants in the lap of luxury. It now has double glazed windows that keep exterior noise at bay and semi-aniline leather from specially reared Scandinavian cows.

The new Range Rover’s best trick is the fact it’s the first SUV to be made almost entirely from aluminium. As a result, it’s around 420kg lighter than the previous car, which brings several benefits: it’s more fuel efficient, kinder to the environment and more agile than ever.

But don’t waste your time strafing your eyeballs across all this text. Click on the video link and see the car in action for yourself. When you’re done, hit subscribe on our YouTube channel and leave us a comment to tell us what you think of the car and our reviews.


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