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2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class pictures reveal a luxury stunner

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been caught in all of its uncamouflaged glory ahead of its official unveiling by the prototype car botherers at Chris Doane Automotive. The pictures reveal the luxury sedan is more attractive than ever, with a more aggressive front grille and lights, plus crease lines that better disguise what an enormous luxury barge it is.

Other tweaks include the omission of the current car’s flared wheel arches, a large panoramic roof, narrower and more elegant exhaust exits and gorgeous LED brake lights.

Removing the veil of mystery further still, Mercedes has released a load of interior shots of the new S-Class. The traditional instrument cluster has been replaced with a pair of high-resolution colour displays that give the car a more futuristic look. The left-most screen deals with the important stuff like fuel level and speed while the display on the right handles stereo, navigation and cabin controls.

This is a Mercedes-Benz S-Class we are talking about, so the level of luxury puts some homes to shame. The car features Merc’s new mBrace2 infotainment system, which is cloud-based so it can access data (music, apps, concierge services) via the Internet.

There’s a rear seat entertainment system (hooked up to mBrace2, of course) that lets everyone in the car watch what they want independently of each other, plus lashings of expensive leather, seats that offer six different massage settings, a heated steering wheel and armrests and much more. Hell, even the seatbelts come with airbags.

There’s even a new climate control system which can be used to – check this out – adjust the smell of the interior using the S-Class’ ‘active perfuming system’. At least you’ll save a few pounds by not buying your preferred air freshener.

Mercedes has revealed that, like with the current S-Class, there will be the option of a long-wheelbase in case you require a little extra space to play with.

We’ve no word on a price just yet but expect it to mimic that of the current S-Class. Engine and other specifications are also unknown. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: AutoBlog 
Images: Chris Doane Automotive/Autoblog



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