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2014 Renault Twingo is one cute city car

New Renault Twingo teased ahead of Geneva Motor Show world premiere.

Forget furry kittens and puppies if you want something cute to look at. Renault has released details and images of the 2014 Twingo ahead of its Geneva Motor Show unveiling.

A lot has changed since the Renault Twingo first appeared on the scene in 1992. For one thing, the top-down image below shows a retractable fabric roof (seen on the Fiat 500 and more recently the Peugeot 108), which will be great when the rain finally stops.

A five-door version of the 2014 Twingo will join the typical three-door ─ a first for the model.

The new Twingo, which is based on the Twin’Z and Twin’Run concepts seen in 2013, has an engine at the back instead of the front. Renault says the arrangement makes the roomier cabin and improves agility.

Inspiration for the Twingo comes from the much-loved Renault 5 Turbo, including a flatter front-end, slightly flared arches and the rear windscreen, while big headlights with LED daytime running lights give the car an ‘expressive gaze’. Four paintjobs – light blue, white, yellow and red – will be available.

Development of the Twingo was done alongside the next two and four-seater Mercedes Smart.

Buyers of the new Twingo will be able to customise their little city car in many ways. So if it’s go-faster stripes you want, go-faster stripes you will get – for a few extra quid, that is.

Renault admitted the rear-mounted engine incurred higher development costs. Exactly how much of an effect that will have on its price remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more info.

2014 Renault Twingo images


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