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2018 Ford Fiesta ST: Meet the 197bhp hot supermini

The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST has been revealed ahead of its grand Geneva Motor Show unveiling. Here is everything worth knowing, including performance figures, details of the new engine and the tech goodies it will come with.

Come on, you knew it was coming. With the new Ford Fiesta now out in the open, a performance version with the letters ‘ST’ stuck to it was as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning. Or Donald Trump tweeting an ‘alternative fact’.

The brand new 2018 Fiesta ST, available as a three- or five-door with 18-inch alloy wheels, uses the seventh-generation Fiesta as a basis. Here is everything else you really should know ahead of its Geneva debut, delivered to you using the medium of text.

1) A new engine has moved in under the bonnet

Out with the four-cylinder 1.6-litre, in with a new three-cylinder EcoBoost. The 1.5-litre lump features a new turbocharger that is said to ensure plenty of torque is available at low revs while maintaining minimum turbo lag. So less waiting for it to blast towards the horizon.

2) Expect more horsepower

The official Ford figure is 200PS, which is 197bhp in old money. That makes it 17bhp more powerful than the current Fiesta ST if you ignore the ‘Overboost’ figure and the same if you don’t. Torque is where the biggest difference can be seen, rising from 240 to 290Nm.

3) It will be as quick as the Fiesta ST200

Yes, the super hot Fiesta ST200 will be matched by its cheaper sibling (for the timebeing), with 0-62mph coming and going in 6.7 seconds. That makes it two-tenths faster than the current Fiesta ST. Although there is no official word on a top speed, somewhere north of 140mph seems fair.

4) A lairy ‘Track’ mode is included

The 2018 Fiesta ST will have three driving modes to vary its character. Normal mode, for instance, is designed to ‘deliver natural responsiveness’ by keeping the engine mapping, traction and exhaust at a, erm, natural level. Track mode tunes everything up to give you maximum responsiveness and noise. Sport sits between the two.

5) Sync 3 will make infotainment stuff more pleasant

Good bye frustrating Sync 2, hello much faster and more intuitive Sync 3. Unlike the new Nissan Micra, the 2018 Fiesta ST will come with support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It will also support touchscreen commands such as pinch to zoom and swipes, making it easy to use for anyone who is used to a smartphone. Which is everyone.

6) You can make your Fiesta ST more original

With times proving difficult for a lot of people, it makes sense to open up greater personalisation options at the budget end of motoring. In the case of the 2018 Fiesta ST, everything from the gear lever and steering wheel to the exterior styling and colours will be available in various trim options to make your Fiesta that little bit more special. And potentially more expensive.

7) Fewer polar bears will be harmed when driving it

By implementing cylinder deactivation for the all-aluminium engine, the 2018 Fiesta ST can reduce fuel delivery and valve operation to ensure less fuel is wasted if you are merely pottering along to the shops. On the flip-side, it can reactivate a cylinder in 14 milliseconds so zero waiting for all systems go. As for CO2 emissions, Ford claims 114g/km compared with 138g/km for the current Fiesta ST.

8) Big(-ish) touchscreens will be available

Depending on how much you want to spend, the 2018 Fiesta ST will be available with touchscreens of differing sizes, the largest of which will be eight inches. Not quite Tesla Model S display size, obviously, but large enough to make it easy to see whatever is on the screen. A B&O sound system is another potential extra if you want your speakers to upset the neighbours.

9) Ford made a video to show it off

A picture is worth a 1,000 words so a video more than three minutes long is basically a novel. While it may be an advert, and no one likes adverts, it does at least show the new Fiesta ST in action. As well as BMX pro Sebastian ‘Bas’ Keep because nothing says trendy like extreme sports.

10) You have a long wait to buy one

As the name suggests, you will have to wait until early 2018 before you can buy the 2018 Fiesta ST, which means us motoring journalists will have to wait until much later this year to review it. Luckily it will be on show in Geneva in March. No word on a price, but around £20,000 is likely. Because Brexit.


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