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London 2012 Olympic lanes raise £312,000 in fines

The Government said the London 2012 Olympic Games would raise capital for the UK and it seems our glorious leaders were right.

The Olympic games lanes have become a real money spinner for the UK government.
The Olympic games lanes have become a real money spinner for the UK government.

2,500 drivers have been fined up to £130 for using designated Olympic Games lanes in August, according the TFL figures, equating to £312,000 in fines from 2,400 penalty charge notices (PCN).

Drivers in London were given six days from July 25th to become accustomed to the new lanes, and in that time only warnings were issued across the 30 miles of lanes created to ferry athletes, officials and media around during the 2012 Olympics.

But since the start of August, £312,000 has been generated, even though 150 signs have been put in place to let drivers know when they can and can’t use the lanes.

Transport chiefs have said the introduction of the system had “gone well” and that driver compliance has been 98 per cent. Chief operating officer for TFL, Garret Emmerson, said of the figures: “We have no interest in unnecessarily penalising drivers and, with a very high compliance rate of around 98% to date, the overwhelming majority are following the requirement to stay out of Games Lanes when they are in use.”

He added: “We are now issuing PCNs (penalty charge notices) to drivers who contravene the ORN (Olympic Route Network), but will continue to be proportionate and sensible; we’re seeking compliance from drivers, not income from fines.”

Non-accredited vehicles who choose to use the lanes when they shouldn’t could face a fine up to a £130 and may even find their vehicle impounded, resulting in a £40-per-day charge for holding the car and a further £200 for its release.

Read our guide on Olympic games lanes to learn where, when and how you can use the lanes.

Source: Yahoo Cars
Image: TNT


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