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3D printed edible Mustang makes one delicious Valentine’s gift

Ford has teamed up with 3D Systems’ Sugar Lab in LA to produce sugary and delectable 3D-printed Ford Mustangs. 

3D Systems’ Sugar Lab in Los Angeles and Ford Motors have joined forces to produce car confections in chocolate and candy flavours. These miniaturised 3D-printed chocolate, sugar candy and plastic toy Mustangs have been made to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

So how were they made? A CAD representation of the 2015 Mustang was programmed into a 3D printer, and four-inch long, two-inch tall Mustangs appeared as the end result.

“3D printing is one of the hottest buzzwords in the news today and it’s great to see more consumers learning about the technology and its applications,” Ford 3D printing supervisor Paul Susalla commented. “We wanted to create something fun to show that while 3D printing made these edible Mustangs, manufacturing-level 3D printing was used in the development of Ford’s all-new sports car.”

Ford product licensing manager Mark Bentley added: “Ford Mustang and chocolate is a recipe for success. It is so exciting to see how these technologies enable a new way of telling a brand story.”

Check out Ford’s video of how it 3D printed chocolate Mustangs and then see how we got on with some of 3D Systems’ 3D-printed sweet treats at CES earlier this year.

The key to any petrolhead’s heart? Let us know what you think of the candy Mustang creations in the comments below.


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