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415 learners crash during their driving test

For many of us, all that stood between us and motoring freedom was one minor fault too many, but it seems some learners really know how to fail.

Figures from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) revealed 415 drivers undergoing their practical test were involved in an accident in 2014 out of a total of 700,000 tests.

The absolute worst driver racked up 12 major faults, having failed to check mirrors, control the car through the gears, steer properly, maintain the right speed for a road and approach junctions in the correct fashion.

One particular statistic is sure to spark debate. Women drivers managed to rack up 875,000 faults in 2014, according to the same figures, compared with 663,000 for men – a difference of 212,000.

Errors for both sexes were most commonly given for failing to make proper observations at junctions and failing to check mirrors when changing direction.

Men were most likely to fail because of over-confidence, including driving too fast, failing to move away safely as well as performing the wrong action at traffic lights and road signs.

Women, meanwhile, were most likely to flunk their test because of a lack of car control when reversing and a lack of car control in general when it came to gears or the steering wheel.

21 drivers sat their 30th driving test or more, which at a cost of £62 a pop comes to a total of £1,860. Just eight went on to pass and be allowed on roads legally.

An AA spokesperson told the Daily Express: “We applaud people who have failed the test multiple times, because although their driving may not be great they are still doggedly staying within the system rather than the one in 20 drivers who are going around uninsured.”

“These disqualified drivers or those that can’t be bothered to pass the test are the real menace on our roads,” he added.

Learners are more than just prone to the odd fender bender. One chap was landed a speeding ticket for doing 36mph in a 30mph zone. Another took the test drunk.

Worringly, one in five learners are said to have penalty points on their licence.


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