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750bhp Vauxhall is as crazy as it sounds

Nobody ever accused the Vauxhall VXR8 GTS – known as the HSV Commodore in Australia – of being a damp squib. Even so, British tuning company Walkinshaw Performance has unveiled a potent upgrade.

Did we say potent? Sorry, we meant insane. The VXR8’s standard 576bhp and 550lb/ft of torque is bumped up to 748bhp and 723lb/ft by the addition of an Eaton Twin Vortices 2300 supercharger, sports exhaust, camshaft upgrade and numerous other engine tweaks.

Each Walkinshaw Racing upgrade comes with its own plaque on the engine that features the signatures of Walkinshaw Racing drivers Garth Tander, James Courtney, Nick Percat and Tim Slade. A number from one to 50 is also displayed, depending on which one of the 50 tuning kit run you end up owning.

A racing decal to make your now even more deranged VXR8 stand out, warranty, dyno tune so you can verify the power gain and certificate of authenticity are also included in the price.

It is unclear how much faster the tuned-up VXR8 is after Walkinshaw has finished with it – or how much extra fuel it drinks, for that matter. Not that we care. Spine-crunching acceleration and a deafening engine note are guaranteed.

The Limited Edition Supercharger Package will be available via Walkinshaw’s Australian division so you’ll have to move to a warmer, spider-ridden climate if you want its most ridiculous upgrade yet.

If the AUS$24,990 (£14,000) upgrade price is too much of a stretch, you can always settle for the standard, less powerful supercharger kit available in old blighty.

Superchargers and Vauxhall have an interesting history. Power-hungry V8 fans were fitting them to their Monaros before the VXR8 successor came to be. As for turbos, that relationship goes back as far as the 1990 Lotus Carlton.

A Vauxhall VXR8 GTS will set you back from £54,999. The oil field needed to keep it running is excluded in the price.


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