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8,000 drivers escape ban after getting more than 12 points on their license

Amassing a total of twelve points of your license usually results in an immediate driving ban – but not for a lucky few. New figures from the DVLA suggest as many as 8,000 drivers who have hit the 12-point threshold but are still driving around perfectly legally after dodging a ban in court.

The numbers suggest as many as 9 per cent of motorists who are eligible to be banned have escaped scott free due to the fact courts are able to issue bans at their discretion. In some cases, if a driver can prove the loss of their license would cause them “exceptional hardship”, they can be given special dispensation to drive the streets — no matter how many points they eventually rack up.

Despite the obvious good fortune of not being banned, some drivers really haven’t learned their lesson, and continue to rack up endorsements like there’s no tomorrow. One Swindon man amassed an incredible 39 penalty points, while another, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, totted up 32 points. In one instance, a 27-year-old from Stockton, Teeside, was able to drive despite having clocked up a staggering 54 points.

He was eventually banned after provoking public outrage when a newspaper article brought his case to light.

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