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911 Solo concept shows Porsche’s imaginary future

Is the Porsche 911 Solo concept the most gorgeous Porsche that never was?

The Porsche 918 Hybrid sits pretty at the top of the German carmaker’s food chain, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement, particularly where design is concerned.

Designer Kyashayar Jenabi certainly feels that way. He’s penned the gorgeous 911 Solo concept for kicks, giggles, or perhaps to help his grades at the Institute of Applied Arts and Design in Turin, Italy.

It’s an absolute belter. It’s arguably even clicker than the 918 – at least to our eyes – with plenty of recognisable touches including elements from the Porsche Mission E electric concept and the ‘Moby Dick’ 935 race car. Give that fella an A.

You might want to give him a D- for practicality because this sort of thing would never work in the real world. It hasn’t got any tyres, for a start. Nor does it appear to have any suspension or distance between the wheels and the arches. Unless it magically hovers above the tarmac, it would vibrate itself (and you) to death in a manner of seconds – especially on British roads.

Engine specs? It hasn’t got one. It’s not real. Make them up yourself if you’re that bothered.

Real or not, it’s a lovely looking thing, which we’re sure you’ll be happy enough to gawk at. Is it as good-looking as the 918? Let us know.

Porsche 911 Solo Pictures



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