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Aftermarket parts specialist installs iPad Mini in car

It was always only going to be a matter of time before aftermarket installers began jamming the iPad Mini into car dashboards, and that moment has already arrived. Soundwaves of Tampa, A US company, has released a YouTube video of what appears to be the first installation of an iPad Mini into a passenger car’s dashboard.

Predictably, the iPad Mini has begun cropping up in cars.
Predictably, the iPad Mini has begun cropping up in cars.

The iPad Mini is almost perfectly proportioned to fit the double DIN stereo slot of most modern cars – almost. Its dinky dimensions are slightly off, so Soundwaves had to create a custom mount that fits the gap while accommodating an iPad Mini.

Those of you expecting the first iPad Mini to have been mounted into something fittingly glamorous may be a tad disappointed to hear the baby Jesus tablet was installed not in a Lambo, Jaguar or similar, but rather a 2012 Toyota Corolla. Getting it fitted is reassuringly expensive, however. Soundwaves will install the tablet in most cars for $800, not including the price of the iPad Mini.

Once installed, the user will be able to access the full gamut of iPad Mini functionality, including music, video, Facebook and Twitter, Web access and online audio streaming via the likes of Pandora or I Heart Radio.

Check out Soundwaves’ YouTube video detailing their installation below. Obviously it’s currently only available to those who can travel to the company’s Tampa, Florida store, but it’s surely only a matter of time before customisers the world over offer a similar solution.


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