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Alfa Romeo Giulia video shows why the BMW M3 should be afraid

A video has emerged of the Alfa Romeo Giulia being tested at the Nürburgring and it reveals this might be the car to put the Italian manufacturer back on the map.

The Giulia has already been announced, but only now can we see it blast in and out of the legendary German circuit’s corners and hear what it might sound like when driven away from an Alfa Romeo forecourt.

Alfa is celebrating 105 years with the Giulia so no wonder little is being left to chance. Not only does it have a suitably pretty front-end and Italian flair in spades, it is powered by a 510hp V6 twin-turbo engine said to be inspired by Ferrari.

All those ponies gives the Giulia a 0-62mph time of 3.9 seconds and, based on the following footage, enough pace to give the 431hp BMW M3 and M4 something to fear. It is, in fact, half a second faster than the M4 from 0-62mph.

Meanwhile an Alfalink multilink suspension setup and 50:50 weight distribution keeps it on track as best as possible. A spot of cylinder deactivation also features so no unnecessary wastage of fuel if you decide to take it steady.

Elsewhere carbon ceramic brakes, a double-clutch torque vectoring system and a rear differential can be found, building on its track-conquering credentials, while the use of carbon fibre for the propeller shaft, bonnet, roof and seat frames keeps the kilos off for better performance.

From what we can tell the Giulia could be the car to put the marque back on the map and remind everyone it’s not just the Germans who can make a performance saloon. Nice to have you back, Alfa. Now go watch the video.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Nürburgring testing video


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