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American electric car owners get into fisticuffs over unplugged vehicles

Electric car owners in the US are getting angry after having their vehicles unplugged, sparking ‘charge rage.’

Owners of electric cars are competing for places to plug in their cars, sparking ‘charge rage’. Angry notes have been left on windscreens and drivers have also returned to their cars to find that they have unplugged.


One company, Chargepoint America, has tried to combat charge rage by introducing a reservation system. But motorists took to Twitter to express their outrage at reserving charge points. One motorist wrote: “I don’t think you should be able to reserve spots. It should be based on how close you are, your level of power, your level of need.”

Another motorist added: “I’d pay to see two EV owners fight over a charge spot. I don’t think any fists would be involved… it would be either a slap attack or purses being swung.”

Web site Plugincars has issued a charging point etiquette for electric car drivers. They have urged motorists to only charge their cars when necessary, and added that no nasty notes should be left on the windscreens. They said: “the note can be firm, but should be expressed in polite language – in a goodwill gesture that will hopefully convince the offender not to make the mistake again.”

President Barack Obama wants there to be 1 million electric cars on American roads by next 2015. Currently, there are 170,000 electric cars in the USA, but there is only one charging point for every six vehicles. 


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