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Andy Murray’s car sucks: Here are 10 rides he can afford now he’s won Wimbledon

Andy Murray may be worth a few quid, but he doesn’t have very good taste in cars; the newly-crowned Wimbledon champion chooses to drive… wait for it: a Volkswagen Polo. Fortunately, he’s just served, volleyed and smashed his way to a Wimbledon championship and has collected a tidy £1.6 million in prize money as a result, so he’s now in a good position to treat himself to something fancy.

But if you were in his tennis shoes what sort of motor would you spend the money on? We’ve been daydreaming about this very subject all day and have come up with the following options. Andy, if you’re reading this, you can thank us later.

Half of a Lamborghini Veneno 

With one Wimbledon victory under his belt, we would love Andy Murray to secure another. Why? Well, he will need to win the competition a second time if he wants a Lamborghini Veneno on his drive and probably another a third to pay for the insurance.

Price: £3million

Twelve Ariel Atom 500 V8s 

Andy is a man who likes to hit balls fast, so it makes sense for him to spend his time off the tennis court in something rapid. For that, a fleet of Ariel Atom 500 V8s (one for every month of the year) would be absolutely perfect. Probably not the best for a Scottish winter, though.

Price: £124,850

A pair of McLaren P1s 

Scotland is to cars what Tim Henman is to grand slam victories. Fortunately, a short drive from Scotland to Woking in Surrey would take Murray to the headquarters of McLaren where he could place an order for a shiny new McLaren P1. Fast? Incredibly so. Affordable? Just about if you’re handy with a racquet. Patriotic? Sort of. He’ll even have enough cash left over to buy one for his girlfriend.

Price: £866,000

One Aston Martin One-77 

James Bond loves Aston Martins and Sean Connery was Scottish. Therefore it stands to reason that Andy Murray, a Scotsman, should drive an Aston Martin. The One-77 is bloody expensive, but there’s just about enough boot space for a trophy and a couple of racquets in this exquisite hypercar. He might even have a bit of cash for a few options, a service and a bit of fuel.

Price: £1.2 million

Argyll GT x 53 

The media class Andy Murray as British when he’s winning and Scottish when he loses a match. So perhaps the Dunblane-born sportsman should think about replacing his German motor with one made in his actual country of origin, like the ill-fated 2+2 mid-ranged Argyll GT supercar from the 1970s. Or 53 of them if he’s feeling particularly patriotic.

Price: £30,000

6.4 Riva Aquaramas 

With the press hot at his heels, Andy Murray could take to the seas in this beautiful Riva, a wooden speed boat that packs two V8 engines. OK, it’s not a car, but if he spent his Wimbledon winnings on six of them, he could conceivably pay someone to fit a set of wheels to one or more of these amazing machines and drive one on the road.

Price: £250,000

Lyonheart K x 5 

A Jaguar E-Type would have been a decent purchase for our champ, but cars of that age were utterly unreliable and have the performance of a shopping trolley compared to modern-day motors. That being the case, Murray could do worse than opt for a Lyonheart K. It has clever suspension, a lightweight aluminium chassis, a 5.0-litre Cosworth V8 chucking 567bhp and it looks so good it might even make Ivan Lendl smile. Maybe.

Price: £300,000

78 VW Polo Bluemotions 

If Andy Murray wanted a flash car, he would probably already own one. So maybe the man just loves VW Polos. That being the case, he could buy a shedload of them – 78 to be precise — and wallow around in the things to his heart’s content. He could give one to every member of his entourage or just buy one and spend the rest of his £1,585,000 on fuel. That’s about a ten years’ worth if fuel prices continue to rise at today’s rates.

Price: £20,335

266 Dacia Sanderos 

When you’re as rich as Murray, you could almost drive a different car every day – especially if it’s a slightly different Dacia Sandro – the UK’s cheapest car. Yes, the Dacia Sandero is not exactly stylish, it’s built from more plastic than Joan Rivers’ face and parking 266 of them might be tricky, but at least nobody could accuse our Andy of being flash.

Price: £5995

0.00758 of a Boeing 777 300ER 

For flying himself, his beautiful wife and 548 hangers-on to far flung corners of the globe, nothing beats the Boeing 777-300. And when servicing and fuel costs become too much, it can spend the rest of its life as a B&B. Of course, Murray will need to win Wimbledon 131 times to afford one, by which time he’d be 157 years old, so this one’s not that likely.

Price: £221 million

Image: Flickr


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