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Angry drivethru customer shoots at McDonald’s after staff forgot bacon

Lack of bacon in a burger causes customer to open fire on her local McDonald’s.

Many of us adore bacon, but not as much as one woman who was so angry with the staff at McDonald’s, who forgot to put some into her burger, she pulled out a gun and fired through the drive-thru window. Talk about an unhappy meal (we’ll get our coat).

Police reports say 29-year-old Shaneka Monique Torres and her friend had ordered a meal from a McDonald’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Staff got the order wrong so the manager offered the pair a free meal the next time they visited as way of an apology.

A few hours later the hungry duo returned for their free meal at around 3am. This time staff forgot to add bacon to Torres’s burger. Angry with the poor customer service, the woman jumped out of her car, pulled out a handgun and fired a single round into the drive-thru window.

Luckily for staff and customers inside the restaurant the bullet passed right through without making hitting anything fleshy.

What makes the story even stranger is the fact that, prior to firing at her local purveyor of burgers, Torres had reportedly been flirting with the manager who offered her a free meal to the point where phone numbers were exchanged.

Police used Torres’s phone number to track her down. She was arrested for committing three felonies and Judge Kimberly Schaefer set a bail of US$50,000. The driver of the car was questioned and released.


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