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Man headbutts moving vehicles after motorway crash

A man has been caught on film headbutting passing vehicles on a motorway. The unnamed man started his rampage after crashing his Mazda Ute into a VW parked in the emergency lane. He then hopped out and proceeded to headbutt cars and vans that were caught in the resulting tailback. 

The unnamed man jumped straight out of his crashed vehicle and into oncoming traffic, before he was captured on film by a dashboard camera performing a running head butt into a van.

He is then seen running about like a deranged person, jumping onto and attacking at least two other cars before issuing a couple more headbutts for good measure.

Police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall said the incident, which happened around 7pm on Monday 11th November, caused a ‘major backlog’ of traffic on the Kwinana Freeway not far from Canning Bridge.

Reports say the man is believed to have mental health issues and is currently being assessed at Fremantle hospital. Police are looking into whether drugs and/or alcohol was involved.

The footage in the aptly titled video ‘Crazy guy on Kwinana Freeway’ captured by motorist Jordan Lee was uploaded to YouTube. It has since been re-uploaded by a number of YouTube channels.

“It was at about 7pm,  I was heading down to Freeway South and all the traffic just stopped,” Mr Lee told a Fairfax Media news outlet.  “It was like the movie World War Z, where the zombies just run into cars, he was exactly like that and I thought ‘oh s***, it’s the zombie apocalypse’.”

“He was just running into cars, jumping on top of cars, he was obviously trying to hurt himself. I kept driving and I went past about four cars that had pulled over… he was just going crazy,” he added.

One anonymous commenter on the Daily Mail story said: “I feel like doing this every morning on the M25.”

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