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Angry russian motorcyclist takes a motorised saw to Nissan Juke

Motorcyclists and car drivers have a rocky relationship. Both tend to get along for the most part, but when one crosses the other all hell can break loose, which is precisely what happened when an angry Russian biker took an angle grinder to a Nissan Juke.

The action, which you can see in the video above, is shot with the biker’s helmet-mounted camera. Things start serenely enough, the bike following the Juke through relatively fast-moving traffic. A few seconds into the video, however, the Juke driver swerves from the inside lane to the outside in order to avoid a parked lorry with a small crane on top, taking him into the path of the bike, who has to brake sharply to avoid a collision.

It’s a pretty minor incident but not in the mind of the biker. He drops back and follows the Juke at a safe distance while plotting his next move, which is bizarre to say the least. Once he catches up in standstill traffic, he knocks the driver’s wing mirror off, leaving it dangling by a cable, before reaching into a bag to pull out what looks like an angle grinder to finish the job.

Needless to say, the Juke driver winds his window up and does his best to avoid the nasty confrontation. One brave driver, who’d stopped a couple of cars further up the road, hops out of his car to confront the biker but the man speeds away after placing a cryptic ‘NTV’ sticker on the Juke’s driver-side window.

It’s all very bizarre, we think you’ll agree. Have a gander at the action for yourself in the video below.

VIa: Autoblog


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